Gemini Travel and Health 2016

Gemini Higher Education and Travel Horoscope 2016

Although your year starts with journeying Jupiter in your 9th House of Travel, the giant planet enters your responsible 10th House of Career on January 17. You may think that this is your time for embarking on a great adventure, but you will likely have too much to do until later in the year. Still, idealistic Neptune remains in your 9th House, so your dreams don’t go away just because you must postpone a trip. When thrill-seeking Uranus enters your 11th House of Hopes on May 27, followed by grandiose Jupiter on June 6, you may again actively pursue your fantasies of foreign intrigue. However, try to avoid traveling when your key planet, Mercury, is retrograde on April 18–May 11, August 20– September 12, and December 10–30. If you must go somewhere during these times, double-check all the details to minimize any complications.

Gemini Vitality and Health Horoscope 2016

Stress can motivate you to accomplish much this year, but it can also take its toll on your body unless you commit yourself to managing it proactively. One of the most effective ways you can improve your health now is by making use of stabilizing Saturn in relationship-oriented Libra. Find someone who can teach you how to process tension before it manifests as a physical symptom. Enroll in a class to study yoga, t’ai chi, or meditation; take up a competitive sport; or try engaging the services of a personal trainer. Just don’t try to do it alone. You’ll gain the most when someone pushes you farther than you might ever go on your own.

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