Leo Money and Career 2016

Leo Public Life and Career 2016

Although you may need to prove yourself through extreme effort, your greatest reward this year will likely be a surprise. Strict Saturn frustrates you as it throws up obstacles that test your resolve. Its square to merciless Pluto—which began last November—requires you to overcome resistance on January 31 and August 21. You aren’t being asked to play a minor role; you’ve been drafted as the star of your own professional drama. Opportunities tempt you on May 23 and August 16, yet you must demonstrate your worthiness before triumph can be yours. The tension is particularly high around April 26 and July 26, when stable Saturn’s opposition to rebellious Uranus provokes you to overreact. Maintaining your cool and staying attentive to your long-term goals can set the stage for unexpected breakthroughs when prosperous Jupiter joins Uranus on June 8, September 18, and January 4, 2016.

Leo Finances and Money 2016

You’ve recently had to take responsibility for your finances and, perhaps, deal with cash shortages as Saturn the Tester moved through your 2nd House of Possessions from September 2, 2013, through October 29, 2014. This year, frugal Saturn retrogrades back into your 2nd House on April 7, forcing you to reevaluate your previous successes and failures and make necessary fiscal changes by July 21, when it leaves your money house. Fortunately, you receive help from other individuals, investors, or a financial institution when beneficent Jupiter visits your 8th House of Shared Resources from January 17 to June 6 and then again on September 9 to January 22, 2016.

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