Libra Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Libra Love and Relationship 2016

Your hopes are high as the year begins. Optimistic Jupiter and poetic Neptune are in your 5th House of Love, but dreamy potential bumps into practical logistics as Jupiter enters your 6th House of Habits on January 17. Still, you aren’t ready to give up your ideals, for sweet Venus is in your romantic 5th House from January 18 to February 11, reinforced by communicator Mercury from February 10 to March 1. Valentine’s Day magic is fed by its proximity to a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction on February 16, making this an opportune time to express your heart’s desire. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on June 8 falls in your 7th House of Relationships, giving you a glimpse of a perfect yet unconventional partnership. But before you can fulfill your dreams, you must overcome your own sense of limitations: Restrictive Saturn opposes independent Uranus on April 26 and July 26 and excessive Jupiter on May 23 and August 16.

Libra Home and Family 2016

Although evolutionary Pluto is in your 4th House of Home and Family for many years to come, the intensity it brings to this area of your life is magnified now by two eclipses. The Capricorn New Moon Eclipse on January 15 joins your key planet, Venus, in your 4th House, indicating that your home should be filled with love and beauty. But good feelings don’t just happen; you must work at creating an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and respected. The Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse on June 26 is conjunct Pluto, suggesting that inevitable changes will force you to let go as someone close to you expresses a need for independence. With communicator Mercury and optimistic Jupiter in the picture, a positive outcome is likely if you’re able to talk about what you want while keeping an open mind about the needs of others.

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