Pisces Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Pisces Love and Relationship 2016

Relationships have become more serious since September 2, 2014, when Saturn entered your 7th House of Partnerships. Hopefully, you’ve learned to be more specific about your needs and more adept at setting boundaries. If you haven’t established healthy limits, structuring Saturn’s encore visit to this house April 7–July 21 gives you another chance to put an end to what doesn’t work with others and consolidate what does. A Solar Eclipse in your 5th House of Romance on July 11 could mark a turning point in matters of the heart, especially with assertive Mars in your 7th House providing support to this New Moon in cuddly Cancer. You can be vulnerable and still behave responsibly to address problems in very specific ways. Building a bridge between your emotions and your actions makes it safe to open up without losing yourself in the process. Mercury, the ruler of your 7th House, will be retrograde in this part of your chart August 20–September 12, pulling you back in time, perhaps even with an old partner. It’s fine to revisit the past, if necessary, but don’t plan to keep living in it.

Pisces Home and Family 2016

With Gemini ruling your 4th House of Roots, Pisces, you build your life on a highly mobile foundation. Only up-to-the-minute communications allow you a sense of order on the home front. Thus when Mercury—Gemini’s speedy ruler—turns retrograde, your family life is more likely to fall out of balance due to miscommunication. This year begins with Mercury retrograde until January 15; the phenomenon recurs April 18–May 11, August 20–September 12, and December 10–30. The last is the most significant period, because the Total Lunar Eclipse in restless Gemini on December 21 can stir up long-buried emotions in your family and reflect the need for a major housecleaning. Indeed, it may be your own dissatisfaction that finally reaches critical mass, forcing you to tackle an urgent problem with a loved one—or move on.

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