Pisces Travel and Health 2016

Pisces Travel and Higher Education 2016

You may be itching to hit the road this year with adventurous Jupiter in your sign. However, the giant planet’s conjunctions with unpredictable Uranus on June 8 and September 18 can disrupt your travel plans; be prepared to make last-minute adjustments. These volatile transits can also trigger your interest in studying unconventional subjects. Your capacity for sitting still in a classroom, though, may be limited, which makes you a great candidate for online learning and independent study. Furthermore, this uncommon conjunction in your sign stimulates your intuition, opening your mind to direct knowledge of metaphysical and philosophical subjects even if you lack formal training.

Pisces Health and Vitality 2016

Indulgent Jupiter in your sign normally is associated with a potential for packing on a few extra pounds. However, a good deal of nervous tension surrounds electrifying Uranus’s conjunctions with Jupiter and oppositions to slimming Saturn this year, so you may not gain an ounce. Still, you do risk dietary extremes: Jupiter’s excesses encouraging self-indulgence alternate with stress-induced shutdowns when you barely eat at all. Oppositions between Jupiter and Saturn on May 23 and August 16 are prime opportunities to regulate your habits and commit to the kind of lifelong healthy plan that is essential to maintain your physical and mental well-being.

Pisces Relationship and Love 2016

Pisces Money and Career 2016

Pisces 2016


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