Sagittarius Money and Career 2016

Sagittarius Public Life and Career 2016

Even if you’ve already made critical decisions about your vocation over the past couple of years, circumstances may require you to reconsider your path April 7– July 21, when hardworking Saturn backs into your 10th House of Career. Don’t waste energy worrying that you didn’t get it right; instead, be thankful for the chance to make adjustments that can positively affect your success and happiness. Saturn’s oppositions to progressive Uranus on April 26 and July 26 can create tension between your professional responsibilities and your family goals. The Tester’s oppositions to opulent Jupiter on May 23 and August 16 could be frustrating—you see opportunities that you just can’t grab yet. Fortunately, resources—both time and money—may be more plentiful after Saturn’s final square to regenerative Pluto on August 21.

Sagittarius Finances and Money 2016

Expect the financial unexpected this year, for the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 15 falls in your 2nd House of Money. A Lunar Eclipse on June 26—also in your 2nd House—is conjunct intense Pluto, indicating the depth of transformation. But a long-lasting Saturn-Pluto square can put the squeeze on your bank account around January 31 and August 21. Don’t wait until you’re in trouble; manage your money prudently throughout the year, putting some away for leaner times. Be careful about spending too much on distractions and escapes in the fall when Venus, the planet of money, is retrograde in your 12th House of Fantasy from October 8 through November 18.

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