Scorpio Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Scorpio Love and Relationship 2016

You could have a major breakthrough in matters of the heart when expansive Jupiter occupies your 5th House of Romance from January 17 until June 6 and from September 9 through the end of the year. This generous planet reminds you that the more you give, the more you get back. Unconventional Uranus in your 5th House has been sending ripples of surprise through your relationship life since March 2009, but you may feel intense shocks when Jupiter joins it on September 18. A sudden new attraction or radical shift with your present partner dramatically alters the game of love; you may be more excited and feel freer than ever before. Still, nostalgia for the past is possible when alluring Venus, the sensual ruler of your 7th House of Partnerships, is retrograde October 8–November 18. Revise your plans as needed to get back on track, but avoid regrets and never retreat from love.

Scorpio Home and Family 2016

A long-term tussle in the family may come to a head this year as Saturn and Uranus, the co-rulers of your 4th House of Roots, make the last two oppositions in a series of five that began in November 2008. These high-tension aspects occur on April 26 and July 26 and ideally are about breaking patterns from the past by letting go of excessive criticism and control. You are becoming free, even if it feels more like chaos than liberation at first. Stay flexible: Unexpected emotions can explode as you finally release yourself and those closest to you from outdated limits on your potential.

Scorpio Overview 2016

Scorpio Finances 2016

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