Scorpio Money and Career 2016

Scorpio Public Life and Career 2016

Climbing the professional ladder—or even holding your ground—could be difficult early in the year as active Mars backpedals in your 10th House of Career until March 10. Expect slow progress, especially when it comes to bold projects or situations putting you in the public eye. Pace yourself during this retrograde cycle to avoid taking on more responsibilities than you can comfortably handle. Farsighted Jupiter, though, enters your 6th House of Employment on June 6 to open up new areas of interest and develop your skills through September 9. Stretch yourself to take on fresh challenges and tasks, perhaps even striking out on your own, and greater recognition and personal satisfaction will make work much more rewarding this year.

Scorpio Finances and Money 2016

Finances and your feelings about them can vacillate considerably this year with Jupiter, the ruling planet of your 2nd House of Income, bouncing between conservative Saturn and risk-taking Uranus. Oppositions to Saturn on May 23 and August 16 are times of contraction when a reduced cash flow or doubt about your earning power urges cost-cutting measures. However, Jupiter’s conjunctions with Uranus on June 8 and September 18 represent a breakdown of financial discipline as you invest or spend recklessly. These contrasting positions challenge you to think outside the box to discover additional sources of income. A combination of bold ideas and careful resource management will favorably alter your relationship to money.

Scorpio Relationship and Love 2016

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