Scorpio Travel and Health 2016

Scorpio Higher Education and Travel Horoscope 2016

Long-distance travel could be complicated this year as a result of two eclipses in your 9th House of Faraway Places. A Lunar Eclipse on December 31, 2015, casts its shadow into the first half of 2016, suggesting delays and possible disappointment on the road. Stern Saturn’s square to the eclipse indicates voyages of necessity rather than pleasure. On July 11, a Total Solar Eclipse in your 9th House could cancel or delay a trip, yet a supportive sextile from active Mars in crafty Virgo suggests that a friend or colleague can help you at the last minute. Additionally, benevolent Jupiter, the planet of journeys, joins surprising Uranus on June 8 and September 18, indicating that unexpected changes can still work out for the best.

Scorpio Vitality and Health Horoscope 2016

Beginning the year with action-planet Mars retrograde is a reminder to be gentle when it comes to exercise and diet. Mars is the ruler of your 1st House of Physicality, so avoid pushing yourself too hard before its forward turn on March 10. Then the Sun’s entry into me-first Aries and your 6th House of Health on March 20 is the starting signal for taking a more vigorous approach to getting in shape. If you are inactive or bored with your current workout routine, look for something different to stimulate interest in moving your body. Jolly Jupiter in your 6th House from June 6 until September 9 will provide additional options for keeping fit while having fun. New ideas about nutrition and managing your daily routine also increase your vitality.

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