Taurus Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Taurus Love and Relationship 2016

While you will certainly have some playful moments, this year is quite serious when it comes to love. In a pattern that should be familiar to you, pressure will expose weaknesses that you muse address or deny, provoking radical transformation. Pluto, the ruler of your 7th House of Partners, is locked into rigid squares with strict Saturn on January 31 and August 21, requiring commitment and a clear sense of direction to keep a relationship on course. If you’re single, these could be dark moments of doubt, yet you may be hitting a bottom from which the only way is up. Attractions grow stronger when Venus enters sultry Scorpio on September 8, followed by passionate Mars on September 14. This erotic pair meets in your 7th House on October 3, further intensifying feelings, though their consuming heat may cool rapidly. Venus turns retrograde on October 8, prompting a review of recent events and, perhaps, a deeper reexamination of relationships. Old resentments may surface during the following six weeks, yet revisiting wounds and sprinkling them with compassion and forgiveness can be a significant step to healing. Blame is a losing game, so seek solutions instead of labels that tend to reinforce disappointment. Delve deeply into your heart and you will reemerge with a new power in relationships.

Taurus Love and Relationship 2016

The Sun, ruler of your 4th House of Roots, is eclipsed in your 9th House of Big Ideas on January 15, which could shake things up on the domestic front. Differences of opinion—whether philosophical, educational, or travel-related— can cause major stress. A Solar Eclipse in your 3rd House of Communication on July 11 may generate more misunderstandings as emotions overcome logic. Avoid remodeling or relocating at these unstable times. Feelings of insecurity are the probable source of family squabbles, so address challenges with as much calm and common sense as you can muster.

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