Taurus Money and Career 2016

Taurus Public Life and Career 2016

You open the year opens with high hopes for your professional life: Opportunistic Jupiter is completing a sweep through your 10th House of Career, where idealistic Neptune remains throughout the year. Your growing compassion for humanity and the planet motivates you to consider work that’s of greater social value and more rewarding to your soul than to your bank account. Practical Saturn performs a balancing act in Libra the Scales in your 6th House of Employment for most of the year, showing the importance of creating harmony on the job. Working in tandem with a reliable partner will increase overall productivity. However, if burdens are not shared equitably, judicious Jupiter’s opposition to Saturn on August 16 could produce a crisis. This clash of titans may be what it takes for you to see the big picture and deepen your commitment where you are. It could also lead you to contemplate a new job— even a different career.

Taurus Finances and Money 2016

Unexpected rewards may come sporadically this year, because you can expect your cash flow to be inconsistent. Avoiding major long-term financial obligations makes sense, but spending big on experiences that turn your head in new directions may be worth the price. Investing in activities instead of stuff could actually increase your future income. As always, the Mercury retrograde periods can scramble your economic picture, especially the one in Taurus from April 18 until May 11. You may need to renegotiate agreements to reflect recent changes. Greater caution with money is also required on August 20–September 12 and December 10–30, but ideally these times could be useful for untangling a financial knot or two.

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