Taurus Travel and Health 2016

Taurus Higher Education and Travel Horoscope 2016

Travel has a deeper significance now with potent Pluto in your 9th House of Voyages. The possibility for new experiences increases dramatically once you leave the cozy surroundings of your hometown. Critical aspects from far-seeing Jupiter to Pluto on July 25 and August 3 could broaden your perspectives so much that you consider radically altering your life. Your beliefs may be challenged, forcing you to either reconsider them or defend them. Slow down and mull over any major decision, rather than allowing impulsiveness to take course.

Taurus Vitality and Health Horoscope 2016

Disciplined Saturn in your 6th House of Health is telling you to exercise selfcontrol this year in matters of diet and exercise. This orderly planet is a serious reminder to avoid excess in any direction, particularly when it’s stressed by boundless Jupiter on May 23 and August 16 or explosive Uranus on April 26 and July 26. Don’t push yourself to extremes physically—but likewise, don’t completely sacrifice the pleasures of good food and drink. A consistent program of physical activity that doesn’t overly tax your body should be your goal. Surrounding yourself with well-balanced, encouraging companions can help you stay within the boundaries of reason and ensure your well-being.

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