Virgo Money and Career 2016

Virgo Public Life and Career 2016

Inspirational Neptune’s long transit through your 6th House of Work continues this year, spurring your imagination on the job or wearing you out with selfsacrifice. Neptune joins the New Moon in this house on February 13 to remind you that you’re giving too much—or perhaps redirect you toward a more fulfilling job. On June 12, the New Moon in your 10th House of Career and Public Life can push you into the spotlight and increase your professional responsibilities. Spreading yourself too thin remains an issue, so learning how to delegate, rather than doing everything yourself, can be the key to maintaining a position of respect and influence.

Virgo Finances and Money 2016

The year could start with complications caused by debt or problematic financial partners because Mars, the ruler of your 8th House of Shared Resources, is retrograde until March 10. Avoid new investments, especially highly speculative ones, and don’t allow yourself to be bullied in money matters. Cleaning up old obligations should be your first priority. Venus, the ruler of your 2nd House of Income, joins Saturn in this house on August 8, initiating a time of tight fiscal control. Although this could indicate contraction, it also teaches discipline, helping you manage your cash flow more carefully and establish a solid long-term economic plan. Venus is retrograde from October 8 until November 18, indicating the need for a budget adjustment, perhaps due to unexpected expenses.

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