Aquarius October 2015

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: October 2015

Although the overall intensity of life should settle down this month, Aquarius, you won’t have much time to contemplate recent changes: The day-to-day noise level remains high. In fact, your key planet Uranus annoys you throughout the month as it receives stressful aspects from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Unstable Uranus is back in your 2nd House of Personal Resources, stirring up financial trouble or, at least, concerns about money. Artistic Venus and assertive Mars are in your 10th House of Career, motivating you to apply your creativity toward professional advancement. But payment or recognition for your work may be delayed until after November 18, because Venus turns retrograde on October 8. Venus, the planet of money and love, forms tense sesquisquares with Uranus on October 5 and October 12, provoking stress in a relationship or revealing an unexpected shortage of cash.

Travel may be on your mind with the indulgent Libra New Moon on October 7 falling in your 9th House of Travel. But light-footed Mercury’s conjunction to austere Saturn the following day can act like a wet blanket to dampen your enthusiasm and put your adventurous plans on hold. Circumstances at work become more favorable October 20–24 when Mars, empowered in passionate Scorpio, harmoniously hooks up with opportunistic Jupiter and enlightening Uranus. On October 22, in the midst of these energizing aspects, the eager Aries Full Moon in your 3rd House of Information reflects your need to move forward no matter what others think. As the Full Moon excitement wanes, a stressful contact between ambitious Saturn and spacey Neptune on October 27 leaves you with a gnawing sense of uncertainty about where your life is heading.

Aquarius Key Dates October 2015

You are overexcited as new ideas explode into awareness when smart Mercury opposes visionary Jupiter and wired Uranus on October 1–2. Your judgment improves when Mercury enters fair-minded Libra on October 3, the same day as a feisty conjunction between Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers. It’s challenging, though, to ground the energy of this union of sensuality and physicality, because this expressive pair of planets in your highly visible 10th House of Public Responsibility forms a tense aspect with unruly Uranus on October 4–5. Mercury crosses paths with ruthless Pluto on the 5th to convince you that there’s a lot on the line, but it may still be better to walk away from an unnecessary conflict.

You’re willing to risk more in love when the romantic Libra New Moon in your 9th House of Adventure initiates a new emotional cycle on October 7. However, a sobering Mercury-Saturn conjunction on October 8, also in your 9th House, requires you to consider the consequences of your actions before you start something new. And it won’t be easy to get what you want, because sultry Venus in passionate Scorpio begins her retrograde period in your 10th House of Status on the 8th, too. This backward motion, lasting through November 18, can return your thoughts to a previous relationship or subdue the energy of a new one.

You’re exhilarated by unexpected changes at work that free you from a boring routine when impulsive Mars in your 10th House of Career forms an awesome trine with electrifying Uranus on October 24. Even if you saw this shift coming, Uranus’s involvement assures that it’s different from anything you imagined. The thrill of being so involved in your occupation now might catch you by surprise. You can be quite charismatic when communicator Mercury joins seductive Venus on October 25, also in your public 10th House.


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