Aquarius September 2015

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast September 2015

aquarius september 2015
Although you may feel sure you’re caught in a gigantic undercurrent right now, there is definitely forward movement in your life. But staying focused on the present can be a tricky endeavor with rational Mercury backtracking in critical Virgo, returning your thoughts to the past as you analyze what you could have done better. On September 12, Mercury changes direction in your 8th House of Transformation and gradually begins to move forward again. At last you can start turning your thoughts into reality. Meanwhile, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all continue their retrograde periods, replaying themes from your recent past. Persistent Pluto turns direct on September 14, deepening Mercury’s research into your personal history. Opportunistic Jupiter backs into inspirational Pisces on September 9, and its conjunction with shocking Uranus on September 18 can suddenly open your mind to amazing possibilities that send your thinking far into the future. Paradoxically, this visionary Jupiter-Uranus connection draws you back into your 2nd House of Personal Resources, freeing up funds for your new ventures or to confronting you with money issues you thought you’d already covered.

When a discerning Virgo New Moon on September 8 falls in your 8th House of Intimacy, you must open up with a partner to untangle the complex tapestry of emotions that you’ve woven. The headstrong Aries Full Moon on September 23—the day after the Fall Equinox and the Sun’s entry into people pleasing Libra—squares merciless Pluto, provoking an emotional power play between you and an influential adversary. It’s wise to hold your ground, but if you attempt to take advantage of someone else’s weakness, you can inadvertently raise the stakes, turning an uneventful skirmish into an unpleasant confrontation.

Aquarius September Key Dates 2015

On September 3, communicator Mercury joins the Sun, sharpening your intellect. But the Sun and Mercury are stressed by attractive Venus in your 9th House of Higher Truth, creating internal discord between what you say and what you want. Luckily, Venus trines ethereal Neptune on September 4, allowing you to resolve the dilemma and to elevate your personal desires into spiritual pursuit.

Love may be the source of anxiety as your romantic feelings clash with your innate need for independence. The rational Virgo New Moon on September 8 portends emotional detachment—yet it’s in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, suggesting just the opposite. You can’t hide your current drama from others now, as sexy Venus enters your public 10th House on September 8, and her irritating alignment with unreliable Uranus on the 7th and overindulgent Jupiter on the 8th leaves you feeling unsatisfied. On September 9, Jupiter’s entry into compassionate Pisces combines with a gentle Mars-Neptune trine to settle the turmoil and soothe your nerves.

When excessive Jupiter joined astonishing Uranus on June 8, unexpected opportunities may have taken you by surprise. Whether or not you were able to pursue the possibilities then, today’s recurrence of this electrifying conjunction offers you a second chance. But don’t fret if you still can’t reach your dreams. These slowmoving giants meet again on January 4, 2016, giving you the time you need to take advantage of the doors now opening.

The Sun’s annual conjunction with calculating Saturn serves up exactly what you deserve. Success can be sweet, especially when it’s hard-earned. But if your plans aren’t working out as you’d hoped, you need to make a tough decision. Choose carefully: Your response can have lasting effects.


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