Aries November Horoscope 2015

Aries Forecast November 2015

Emotional issues deepen this month with a planetary emphasis on intense Scorpio and your 8th House of Transformation—and yet your anxiety level won’t be as high as in recent weeks. Although the hopeful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction isn’t exact until early next year, trines from clever Mercury on November 4–6 and the Sun on November 15–19 can help resolve interpersonal struggles, lift your spirits, and put a positive spin on your life. Even the stressful squares from Mercury and the Sun to intoxicating Neptune on November 6 and November 18 won’t faze you, assuming you don’t try to dodge your responsibilities. Use the visionary power of Neptune to transmute your dreams of the distant future into the realities of tomorrow. Too, four planets end their retrograde phases this month, freeing you definitively from replaying the past. Wounded warrior Chiron turns direct on November 5 and Neptune follows on November 7 to get the ball rolling forward. You’ll have no doubt that better times are on the way when generous Jupiter and lovely Venus change direction on November 18.

The magnetic Scorpio New Moon on November 6 falls in your 8th House of Intimacy. Communicator Mercury is strongly aspected now, giving you a chance to talk about delicate issues you normally try to avoid. Shining the light of your awareness in the hidden recesses of your mind and sharing your innermost feelings with a trusted companion can open the door to emotional healing. The Full Moon on November 21 in determined Taurus falls in your 2nd House of Self-Worth, affirming your recent choices and allowing you to be more optimistic about reaching your goals.

Aries Important & Lucky Days November 2015

There’s no reason to stick with denial now; if you have something to say, just say it. Although mental Mercury is emotionally intense in Scorpio, its easy trine to enthusiastic Jupiter on November 4 encourages you to express your feelings. The instinctual drive of the Scorpio New Moon on November 6 suggests an obsessive desire for change within an intimate relationship. Fortunately, you can talk about what you want rather than acting it out. Don’t be concerned if you can’t see where a conversation is leading: Brilliant Uranus comes to the rescue, clearing the air of residual tension.

Sweet Venus is provoked into a conflict by militant Mars on November 14, turning love into a battleground. Fortunately, resolution is likely if you are willing to face the music. But the Sun’s trine to jovial Jupiter on November 15 tempts you to act as if nothing is wrong. Don’t cover the truth with a display of showy overconfidence or humor. Instead, deal with the facts exactly as they are. Your hard work will pay off as Mars’s supportive sextile to karmic Saturn rewards you with an enduring solution to a real problem.

Mercury the Messenger dynamically squares indulgent Jupiter today, warping your perspective and tempting you to ignore sensible limits. Enjoy yourself, but remember that you can debate philosophical differences without warfare and have fun without overconsuming.

When your key planet, Mars, is amplified by extravagant Jupiter on November 29, it’s natural to take on a new task before you consider how much work it will require. Nevertheless, you may realize your mistake quickly when logical Mercury steps into pragmatic Capricorn on November 30. It would be smarter to wait and take a more carefully measured view of a project before impulsively jumping on the bandwagon just because it looks like fun.


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