Cancer November Horoscope 2015

Cancer Forecast November 2015

Opportunities for personal growth rise from the ashes of defeat this month, turning losses into gains. The purposeful Sun is in regenerative Scorpio and your 5th House of Self-Expression until November 22, empowering you with passion and imagination to bring new life to a fading romance or to reinvigorate a project in danger of ending. The Scorpio New Moon on November 6 stirs desires strong enough to push you past your fears and straight toward what you want most in life. Fortunately, you know how to be seductive in subtle ways as attractive Venus continues her retrograde cycle until November 18. But remember, satisfying yourself comes first; only then can you reveal your passion to others without seeming needy.

You’re called to push the limits of relationships when transformational Pluto joins the Moon’s North Node on November 9. This slow-moving pattern occurs in your 7th House of Companions, provoking power struggles and stripping away illusions about personal and professional connections. Investing more deeply in someone or recognizing that it’s not worth the effort could mark a turning point in a significant alliance. Still, this is not entirely an emotional issue; coolly consider your long-term goals before deciding to cut ties or dive in more deeply. On November 21, the Full Moon in steady Taurus touches your 11th House of Teamwork, potentially triggering a crisis with friends or colleagues. Idealistic Neptune’s tense square to the Full Moon tempts you with tenderness that can blur your good judgment. It’s great to be compassionate, but not if it burdens you with responsibilities when others fail to follow up on their commitments. Be clear about the support you need before taking on any new tasks.

Cancer Important & Lucky Days November 2015

You have the ability to lead with a light touch that makes it comfortable for others to follow. Even the loftiest goal seems reachable when you lay out a well-designed plan for achieving it. Jubilant Jupiter’s harmonious trine to the Sun today connects your 5th House of Love and Play with your 9th House of Higher Truth, enriching your personal life with meaning and elevating self-expression to a spiritually fulfilling experience. Enjoying yourself is more than simply a momentary pleasure: It also serves as a light on the path to a greater purpose.

You’re tempted to shed the burdens of responsibility on November 18 when the Sun crosses paths with dreamy Neptune. Pleasure-loving Venus and Jupiter turn direct, making it more difficult to maintain focus at work and discipline at home. Visions of a more magical life, though, are not mere distractions: They are messages of hope for a more inspiring future. The brilliance of a Sun-Uranus trine on November 19 reveals shortcuts that can turn your life in this direction more quickly than you previously thought possible.

The Full Moon in earthy Taurus on November 21 normally attracts sensible friends and co-workers to help turn complex tasks into simple ones. Now, however, spacey Neptune’s square to the Full Moon fuzzes boundaries, leaving you less certain of your role on the team. Let go and look forward as the Sun fires into farsighted Sagittarius, burning through old patterns at your work and in your daily routine on November 22. It’s time to sell yourself with greater enthusiasm. Overcome your reluctance to go out on a limb by promising more and then delivering it.


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