Capricorn Forecast December 2015

Monthly Horoscope December 2015 Capricorn

capricorn december 2015
A widening vision of your soul’s desire matched against the limitations of your daily routine pushes you to redirect the course of your life. You catch a glimpse of your potential future on December 5 when the New Moon in farsighted Sagittarius falls in your 12th House of Destiny. Ordinarily, you might put down these images as unrealistic fantasies; mere distractions from the serious business at hand. Yet your key planet Saturn’s supportive sextile to this Sun-Moon conjunction gives you reason to believe that you can create a more fulfilling life. Whether it’s through spiritual practice, service to humanity, or seeking a different job, steps that bring your body, mind, and spirit into greater alignment are revealed to you. Motivation finds means when superhero Mars enters your sign on December 7, infusing you with the energy to explore new territory.

Still, it’s best to proceed with caution: Mercury, the master of details, is retrograde December 10–30. This backward turn in your sign complicates communications; you need extra time to complete tasks as well. The busy Gemini Full Moon on December 21 is a Lunar Eclipse in your 6th House of Work and Service, another signal that minor matters may need more attention now. Ideally, you drop extraneous obligations and unhealthy habits to increase your vitality and make time for more important activities. The Sun’s entry into ambitious Capricorn later on the 21st is the Winter Solstice, marking a seasonal shift that puts wind in your personal sails. Even though there are still more obstacles to overcome this month, you will not be deterred from continuing your quest for greater fulfillment.

Capricorn Important & Lucky Days December 2015

Control your emotions to avoid accidents on December 3, when erratic Uranus squares Mars in your 12th House of Escapism. Anger can be misdirected and arise without warning, especially with disorderly Uranus turning direct on December 5. A simple issue could be heated in a cauldron of intensity as mental Mercury joins fervent Pluto in your sign. Harsh words and criticism aren’t helpful, but penetrating insights can peel away superficial images and reveal deeper truths about yourself.

You’re a productive leader on December 7: The Sun’s sextile with Saturn sets a realistic agenda while Mars entering dedicated Capricorn provides the muscle to execute it. Trust your instincts in relationships on December 8, when sweet Venus harmonizes with Pluto. Deeper alliances in your personal and professional life come from your willingness to fearlessly examine difficult issues, enabling you to transform losses into gains.

Intellectual Mercury backs over the Moon’s integrative North Node to reconnect you with someone from your past. A reliable individual can offer helpful advice, even though you may not be ready to fully accept it yet.

Aggressive Mars slams into a square with resistant Saturn, which is likely to slow your progress. You may be feeling overworked or burdened with an impossible task. You’ll need all your concentration to manage what’s already on your plate; just holding your ground might be considered a victory now. If you’re not equipped to handle your current responsibilities, you may be held accountable and criticized. Still, recognizing that you need to develop new skills, or polish the ones you already have, can be critical toward advancing your professional ambitions in the year ahead.

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