Capricorn November Horoscope 2015

Capricorn Forecast November 2015

Creating something special with others brings significant satisfaction this month with the November 6 New Moon in Scorpio in your 11th House of Friends, Hopes, and Wishes. This regenerative sign helps you revive old interests and reveal hidden talents that make you a vital contributor to any team. Your skill at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your associates can also be a key factor to increasing productivity. Sociable Venus slips back into gracious Libra on November 7, supporting diplomacy on the job—which can come in handy as mouthy Mercury enters outspoken Sagittarius on November 8. This chatty planet in your 12th House of Secrets increases the risk of exposing confidential information. However, Mercury’s passage through this behind-the-scenes area of your chart until November 30 can enrich your imagination, encourage private conversations, and expand your intellectual understanding of spiritual concepts.

Hope and joy come naturally to you when buoyant Jupiter and pleasing Venus turn direct on November 18. Your playful side is also tickled by a Full Moon in sensual Taurus on November 21 that falls in your 5th House of Fun and Games. Romance, too, can grow in a garden of delight when you take time off from your responsibilities to seek pleasure. Getting away from it all for a dedicated worker like you becomes more appealing when the Sun enters philosophical Sagittarius and your 12th House on November 22. The next four weeks could bring you a chance to retreat from your usual routine to nourish your spirit and reflect on your dreams. If that’s not possible, simply find moments in the day to let your mind wander away from the work at hand and view your life from a wider perspective.

Capricorn Important & Lucky Days November 2015

You feel the pressure of having too much to do thanks to the Sun’s stressful alignment with overwhelming Jupiter. Be visionary in your outlook but narrowly focused in your actions. The support of competent friends or colleagues can make your day calmer and restore confidence to a wounded relationship with a subtle sextile between retrograde Venus and resuscitating Pluto.

Getting a straight answer can be a challenge on November 6, when informational Mercury runs the gamut of aspects with spacey Neptune, ingenious Uranus, and stoic Saturn. Don’t believe everything you hear and be precise in what you say if you want to avoid confusion. Maybe this is just shaking out the mental cobwebs before Mercury flies into free-spirited Sagittarius on November 8 to increase your intuitive abilities and your capacity for tuning into the future. Paying attention to the boring details of the present, however, may be very difficult during the next three weeks.

Your mind may be moving so fast on November 20 that those nearby can’t keep up. A zippy Mercury-Mars conjunction has ideas flying at warp speed, yet a stubborn semisquare between the Sun and Saturn forces you to slow down to let others catch up. You realize that what you’re really seeking may be outside the reality of your everyday life when the Sun enters your 12th House of Spirituality on November 22. Reinforce your connection with the divine through prayer, meditation, dreams, nature, and inspirational arts.

Minor disputes can escalate into major battles when rowdy Mars squares strident Jupiter on November 29. If you’re feeling self-righteous, apply your passion to a worthy cause instead of wasting it on petty matters. Logical Mercury enters wellorganized Capricorn on November 30, helping you gather your thoughts and present your point of view with reason and respect.


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