Capricorn October 2015

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: October 2015

You get another chance to fix your past mistakes and shore up relationships this month. In fact, making and maintaining alliances appears to be your major theme now. Talkative Mercury enters friendly Libra and your 10th House of Career on October 3 to set the stage for more open communication. The New Moon in Libra on October 7 can put you in the spotlight as a spokesperson on the job, or as a negotiator. Stern Saturn’s proximity, though, warns against taking on tasks that require you to move too quickly. If you’re seeking new professional connections or partnerships, act early: Relational Venus turns retrograde on October 8 in your 11th House of Community. The love planet’s about-face opens the door for reconnecting with old friends or colleagues and can be helpful for untying knots in existing unions—yet makes it more difficult to start a new one until Venus goes direct on November 18.

Your mind dives deeper when Mercury descends into emotionally profound Scorpio on October 20. Expect to be entrusted with secrets, yet don’t permit a promise of confidentiality to put you in a compromising position. Be cautious about sharing personal information and listening to something you might rather not know. On October 22, you’re urged to play, create, or flirt by the feisty Aries Full Moon in your 5th House of Fun and Games. You could be tempted to engage in risky behavior, yet a helpful trine from Pluto serves as a protective lifeguard to pull you back before you go too far. Let your inner child show you how to be more spontaneous and open.

Capricorn Key Dates October 2015

Saying too much or overcommitting to meet someone else’s needs places you in a vulnerable position on October 1. Mercury’s opposition to outspoken Jupiter is a call for truth, though it could be met with an explosive response. Mercury’s opposition to volatile Uranus on October 2 incites surprising conversations and mind-blowing ideas, but impetuous words could cause an unexpected rift. Still, a super-sexy Venus- Mars conjunction in steamy Scorpio on October 3 can transform a potential fight into a mating dance. Tempers may yet erupt, so try being playful to melt the anger away.

Conversations readily turn contentious if you don’t correct misunderstandings quickly. Reasonable Mercury passes from an insecure square with the Moon’s Nodes on October 7 to a conjunction with unyielding Saturn on October 8. The pressure to manage details at work mounts in the face of unsympathetic authority figures. However, you can earn respect by defusing a difficult situation with skillful diplomacy that overcomes personal differences and returns everyone’s attention to the facts at hand.

Today you’re open to new ideas from others and also extremely clear in expressing your own—an ideal combination for communication. Mercury joins the Sun in thoughtful Libra to sharpen your thinking without putting an edge on your words. Their union in your 10th House of Public Responsibility gives you a good picture of where you stand in the world now and where you want to go in the future.

Your keen ability to prioritize keeps you from getting lost in the clutter of activities today. A focused Sun-Pluto sextile guides your attention to the tasks where you can be the most efficient; it can even show you a shortcut to lighten your workload. You have influence without appearing pushy, making you a gentle guide and supportive colleague.


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