Comprehensive Rising Sign Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Ascendant Horoscope: Rising Pisces at a Glance

If you were born with Pisces rising, you carry within yourself a strong artistic gift that must sooner or later find expression. You have an active fantasy life and a pronounced romantic outlook. You want life to be perfect and since it isn’t, you choose not to see what you don’t want to see. Down deep, many Rising-Pisceans believe that they alone are destined to suffer disillusionment in life; sometimes others sense this secret sorrow in you. Often you feel you were born at the wrong time in the wrong place, and you are strongly drawn to the past.

Basically, you have a dauntless goodwill toward others. You tend to be very sociable, fond of entertaining, and enjoy the warmth of companionship. You love the good life—fine food and drink especially, beautiful clothes, and travel. At parties Rising-Pisceans are vivacious and verbal (sometimes you talk too much); you enjoy performing in front of a group. A talent for mimicry makes many Pisces Ascendants turn to the theater.

The word sentimental comes to mind when describing you. Your tender feelings are easily moved by sad stories, lost animals, unhappy human beings. Your personality is also changeable, at times moody and distressed.Worry and imagined fears overtake and sometimes overcome you. In your private life you tend to be disorganized, a bit careless, the kind who is forever losing or misplacing belongings. In work, however, you are knowledgeable and creative and can be quite disciplined when working within a group, especially in artistic projects. You are also successful in occupations that involve writing and travel.Many Rising-Pisceans frequently change their residence.

It often happens with Pisces Ascendants that a person who was an adversary in early years becomes a valuable friend later on. You may sometimes have trouble with a first marriage because of in-laws and relatives. As a Rising- Piscean you are probably fond of children; your own children usually bring you pride and happiness.

If you have Pisces rising, you tend to have large, luminous eyes and a sensuous mouth. You are likely to have wavy hair and well-shaped feet.

The planet Neptune, which rules Pisces, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of Neptune bestows compassion, sensitivity, keen intuition, imagination, creativity, and an interest in spiritual things and the occult. It also encourages confusion, indecisiveness, worry, vagueness, carelessness, and self-deception.


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