Gemini December 2015

Monthly Horoscope December 2015 Gemini

gemini december 2015
Your ruling planet, Mercury, holds the key to understanding the month that lies before you. The heavenly messenger turns retrograde on December 10 and remains in trickster mode until December 30, putting a challenging spin on your holiday plans. Saying exactly what you mean can minimize most misunderstandings, as Mercury in earthy Capricorn through December 18 adds sincerity to your words. Then the messenger backs into easygoing Sagittarius, enabling you to let loose and enjoy the festivities of the season. Fortunately you don’t need to wait this long to have a good time: The uplifting Sagittarius New Moon on December 5 plants a seed of intention in your 7th House of Companions, lighting up your month with fun and frivolity. Although industrious Mars reminds you of the hard work ahead as he enters ambitious Capricorn on December 7, he also blesses you with the strength and willpower to sustain your high energy during the weeks ahead.

Throughout the month, profound Jupiter and freedom-loving Uranus slowly move toward a mind-expanding conjunction on January 4, 2016, in a series that began on June 8 and recurred on September 18. Again you are shaken as new career opportunities change the way you think about your future. The magnitude of this shift is brought into focus by a Full Moon Eclipse in restless Gemini that occurs just hours prior to the Winter Solstice on December 21. This powerful pair of planetary events signals the changing of the cosmic guard. A square from electrifying Uranus and buoyant Jupiter energizes this eclipse, suddenly releasing relationship tension, altering your perceptions of the world, or simply pulling you down the rabbit hole to send you on an exciting, if unexpected, adventure.

Gemini Important & Lucky Days December 2015

A delicious sextile from witty Mercury to sexy Venus in your 6th House of Self- Improvement on December 1 allows you to articulate your desires. You have a good chance to get what you want as long as you state your needs clearly. Frisky Mars in your 7th House of Others can bring distractions as he amps up fantasies when aligning with escape-artist Neptune on December 2, then runs amok with your unrealistic expectations when he squares reactionary Uranus on December 3. Think about the consequences of your impulsiveness before doing something that could offend someone you love.

Today’s inspirational Sagittarius New Moon packs quite a punch as Mercury joins potent Pluto in your 8th House of Transformation. When you speak now, your words carry the power to change what’s typically unchangeable. Use this gift carefully; without your awareness and kindness, you could inadvertently turn humor into a dangerous, hurtful weapon before you even realize what you’ve said.

Working cooperatively ensures success when the Sun in your 7th House of Partners aligns with responsible Saturn on December 7. A direct link between your efforts and your accomplishments is assured when action-hero Mars enters ambitious Capricorn later in the day. But be aware that it may take longer than you think to reach your goals, for Mercury the Messenger turns retrograde on December 10, initiating a period of possible misunderstandings and delays. No matter what you think, you’re not running out of time. Slowing down to gather information and resources will be worth the wait.


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