Gemini November Horoscope 2015

Gemini Forecast November 2015

Leave the grand gestures and amazing breakthroughs for another month, Gemini. Now that your 6th House of Daily Routines is accentuated, you need to improve what you already have, rather than rushing off to start something new. The fixed Scorpio New Moon on November 6 falls in your methodical 6th House, reaffirming your need to practice ethical self-restraint. You’ll be able to accomplish more than you think if you eliminate emotional distractions and concentrate on the basic necessities of life. Retrograde Venus slips back into your 5th House of Self- Expression on November 7, replenishing your pool of creativity. Luckily, with rational Mercury visiting your 6th House until November 8, you can focus on accomplishing your tasks without much effort. The Sun remains in your serviceoriented 6th House through November 22, giving you plenty of time to find your groove and make gradual refinements to your everyday regimen.

Cautionary yellow lights turn to all-clear green when friendly Venus and hopeful Jupiter turn direct on November 18. Your chances for pleasure and delight increase through November 21, when the sensual Taurus Full Moon falls in your 12th House of Endings. But the completion of one cycle is also the beginning of the next, and if you tie up enough loose ends, the Sun’s entry into inspirational Sagittarius on November 22 frees you to think about the future instead of living in the past. Although the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all crowded into your 7th House of Partners, suggesting that working with others is your current path to fulfillment, Venus reenters your 6th House on November 29, rewarding the small improvements you continue to make on your own.

Gemini Important & Lucky Days November 2015

You are passionate about getting things done as an emotionally intense Scorpio New Moon on November 6 focuses fierce energy on your 6th House of Work. Messenger Mercury harmonizes with generous Jupiter on November 4 and shakeit- up Uranus on November 6, opening a career opportunity while also distracting you from your more immediate issues. Mercury’s noisy square to psychic Neptune—also on November 6—creates conflict between your penetrating logic and inspirational dreams. Allow your mind the luxury of drifting in the realm of endless possibilities, but be sure to narrow your perspective when you’re ready to take concrete action.

Making plans for additional education or for a vacation getaway takes up more of your time when your key planet, Mercury, enters free-spirited Sagittarius. You are ready, even eager, for the next big adventure, yet it’s wise to involve others now as interactive Mercury remains in your 7th House of Companions until November 30. Even if you’re thinking about doing something on your own, it will be a lot more fun if you can share the experience with someone you love.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks, for you’re working with a harmonious balance of realistic Saturn and lucky Jupiter on November 15. Physical Mars forms a cooperative sextile with industrious Saturn, giving you enough common sense to make strategic decisions and the endurance you need to execute your ambitious plans. A Sun-Jupiter alignment clears away obstacles, increases your confidence, and encourages you to reach beyond your comfort zone. Just get going fast, so that you can stretch even farther when Mars creates a magical quintile with spiritual Neptune on November 16 to turn your inspirational vision into reality.

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