Gemini October 2015

Gemini Monthly Horoscope: October 2015 

A flurry of activities kicks off this busy month, which brings so much to do that you fear you’re neglecting what truly matters. Mental Mercury is quickly moving through new territory and making up for time lost during last month’s retrograde. Your remedial work is finished, and Mercury’s entry into your 5th House of Play on October 3 is a welcome relief. However, the indecisive Libra New Moon on October 7 brings obstacles to romance or otherwise limits your self-expression as Mercury joins Saturn the Tester on October 8. Additionally, romantic Venus begins her retrograde phase in your 6th House of Self-Improvement that day, initiating a seven-week period when you can overanalyze love and cool off an otherwise hot relationship.

Your mind-set becomes more serious as Mercury moves into intense Scorpio on October 20. The pioneering Aries Full Moon in your futuristic 11th House on October 22 pushes you forward, but you could lose your sense of direction as wandering Mars squares illusory Neptune, diffusing your plans and confusing your decisions. Nevertheless, you won’t likely waffle for long, as the Sun follows Mercury into intense Scorpio on October 23, creating a pack of four planets in your 6th House of Health and Work. There’s not much room for fun and games, so you should pay attention to what’s on your plate and stay focused on your daily routine. Consider taking small steps to improve the quality of your life; don’t shake up too much too soon or you’ll end up losing ground, rather than making progress. A tense alignment between constrictive Saturn and dispersive Neptune on October 27 can force you to revisit old doubts once more before moving on.

Gemini Key Dates October 2015

Quicksilver Mercury is running on overdrive and wreaking havoc in your life, especially if you expected a quiet weekend at home. Your mind is stretched to extremes when Mercury opposes overextended Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus on October 1–2. One additional tug could send you over the edge. Fortunately, the stress subsides on October 3, when Mercury enters graceful Libra. Your creativity flourishes during the artful Venus-Mars conjunction, allowing you to quickly recover and head off in a new direction.

An emotional issue may surface with noisy intensity when communicator Mercury in your 5th House of Self-Expression crosses paths with passionate Pluto on October 5. You may inadvertently say more than you intend—and once spoken, the words cannot be withdrawn. The relationship-oriented Libra New Moon on October 7 is a turning point that motivates you to search the depths of your soul as you face the limitations of your recent efforts to make love work. There is no room now for rigid thinking. Move beyond your fear of change and use smart Mercury’s conjunction to serious Saturn on October 8 to revise your plans based upon your current experience instead of unrealistic dreams.

Setting responsibilities aside for a few days can open your mind to a creative process that springs from being in touch with your feelings. Mischievous Mercury in your 5th House of Play harmoniously trines whimsical Neptune on October 18, followed by the Sun on October 19. Nevertheless, your emotional expressions— whether artistic or romantic—can also bring you anxiety, because Mercury and the Sun both form irritating aspects with unreliable Uranus on October 19–20. Mercury’s entry into your 6th House on October 20, combined with a confident Mars-Jupiter trine, enables you to overcome doubt and share the fruits of your labor with joy.


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