Gemini September 2015

Gemini Monthly Horoscope Forecast September 2015

gemini september 2015
Although the month may start slowly and end with a bit of turbulence, for the most part you enjoy smooth sailing as your long-term plans are falling into place. Messenger Mercury in analytical Virgo is retrograde in your 4th House of Security, requiring that you go back and address any unresolved family issues. These discussions may create discomfort, though, especially if you’re just talking in circles about the same old things. But the mentally sharp Virgo New Moon on September 8 gets you thinking about what happens next, even if you’re still recollecting the past. Jupiter is also retrograde and backs into emotional Pisces and your 10th House of Career on September 9, connecting your heart with your professional aspirations. The emphasis on your feelings is corroborated by Venus’s entry into powerful Scorpio in your 6th House of Work on September 8, followed by aggressive Mars on September 14. A few days after Mercury turns direct on September 12, you finally begin to feel you’re nearing your goals.

Although philosophical Jupiter and radical Uranus are more mental than emotional, their conjunction in spiritual Pisces on September 18 is a cosmic wake-up call reminding you to move beyond your rational thoughts and into the sometimes illogical world of intuition. This alignment in your public 10th House can shatter mental blocks that previously prevented you from accepting an important opportunity—but only if you’re willing to take a risk. The Fall Equinox on September 22, followed by the rowdy Aries Full Moon in your futuristic 11th House on September 23, can be a turning point. Although there are challenges ahead, you’re on your way and there’s no turning back.

Gemini September Key Dates 2015

You turn your gaze inward and backward toward your childhood on September 3 when retrograde Mercury, in your 4th House Home and Family, passes between the Earth and the Sun. Memories can color a current situation, making it tough to see things as they truly are. Loving Venus’s harmonious trine with misty Neptune on September 4 casts a soft focus over your nostalgia. By September 5, you snap out of your reverie and can see everything in a more realistic light.

Anything is possible when boundless Jupiter gets zapped by brilliant Uranus in your 9th House of Future Vision on September 18. You can see farther than usual, for the obstructions have temporarily disappeared. A supportive Mars-Pluto sextile adds strength to your convictions, and your words have great power when they’re in sync with your truth. But you still need to overcome your own fear of failure when the Sun creates an anxious alignment with wistful Neptune on the 19th and wounded Chiron on the 20th.

You’re tempted to overdo, overcommit, and overindulge in the days leading up to the incorrigible Aries Full Moon on September 23. Pay careful attention to boundaries and limits, for the Sun’s tense opposition to extravagant Jupiter and defiant Uranus on September 21 can give you a quick lesson in instant karma if you extend too far.

The Sun’s dynamic square to undiluted Pluto today can release a flood of emotions, especially if you feel threatened by someone else’s power. Suppressing your anger won’t work, either—your irrational feelings will not take no for an answer. Express yourself as kindly as you can, and remember that the situation is probably not as dire as it seems.

The Sun’s annual conjunction to masterful Saturn can teach you a lesson, whether or not you want to learn it. If your wings are being clipped, accept the consequences of your previous actions with grace while you regroup for another reach toward your goals.


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