How To Attract Aquarius Man & Woman

How To Attract Aquarius

These highly social creatures make friends easily. They are amusing, interesting conversationalists who nonetheless prefer to discuss what is significant or important. Don’t be surprised if they don’t reach any conclusions, though. When you’re dealing with eternal verities, it’s hard to come to the point.

Aquarians are usually courteous but elusive. There is no way to breach this demeanor, especially not with a direct attack.When faced with a head-on approach, Aquarians tend to retreat.

It is easy to draw out their compassionate qualities. They are humanitarians whose interests stretch far beyond the horizon. They see the big picture, not its little flaws.

They are interested in books, art, or scientific matters. Most Aquarians have an interest in science. They are also fascinated by hobbies and gadgets. If you can’t share all their interests, at least try not to be jealous of the fact that Aquarians have so many. They can’t help it; it’s in their stars.

Aquarians are not steak-and-potatoes people; they prefer to try the little place that features Chinois cuisine—a combination of Chinese and continental cooking. Aquarians are always delighted with the different.

Give them time to know you, trust you, and depend on you. Aquarians may take advice but are too smart to be fooled. They won’t keep taking bad advice; they’ll just avoid the adviser.

Important: Never nag Aquarians about a mistake. They will acknowledge one readily enough, but then forget it. A mistake seems genuinely unimportant to them, and if you keep harping on it they’ll just think you are strange.

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