How To Attract Aries Man & Woman

How To Attract Aries

Don’t be timid. Faint heart never won Aries, male or female. Let Aries people know how much you admire them right at the beginning. Aries people will never think you brash if you are paying them a compliment. They feel they deserve it. Be a bit careful, though, about laying it on too thick. They can always spot insincerity.

Aries people think of themselves as intellectuals, so don’t appeal to them purely on a physical plane. They will enjoy a lively discussion of theater,music, politics, or even more esoteric subjects such as history, art, or philosophy.

A good suggestion for a date early in the relationship is a sporting event. (With Aries, it can never be more than a suggestion.) They are enthusiastic sports fans. If you don’t know much about the game you’re watching, let them explain it to you. They’ll do so in a way that will make it interesting and exciting.

Before an important date, take a nice long nap. Aries is no clock-watcher, and the fun may go on and on into the wee hours. Aries people pick up steam while everyone else is running out of gas.

By all means, bring your problems to Aries. There is nothing they like better than to be asked for advice. They are generous with their time, counsel, money, and sympathy. And there’s an additional advantage. No Aries is in doubt as to what should be done in any given situation.

You’ll get a forthright, black-and-white, no-quibbles-orevasions answer.

Important: Never try to dictate to an Aries. They don’t know how to take orders. If you want to put an idea into his or her head, do it so that Aries thinks the idea originated there.

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