How To Attract Leo Man & Woman

How To Attract Leo

You can always win over anyone born under this sign if you show by your actions, your attention, and your unceasing compliments that you are completely and hopelessly lost in admiration. If you really feel that way, you’re in clover. If you don’t, fake it. Leos won’t suspect your sincerity because they think they’re fully as wonderful as you tell them they are. Leos almost never think compliments go too far.

There is another way to make an impression on Leo: be funny. They have a fine sense of humor and love to be entertained. (Didn’t every monarch have a court jester?) You can’t go wrong attending a cultural event, especially a preview of some kind. Accompany Leo to a cocktail party that marks the opening of a new art gallery, an advance movie screening, or a lecture by an author about his or her forthcoming book.

Pet peeve for Leo men: Heavy makeup on women. Pet peeve for Leo women: A tightwad date.

Bear in mind that both male and female Leos think the best is none too good for them. Leo travels first class. If you’re trying to impress a Leo woman, take the rubber band off your bankroll, never wince at a restaurant check, get the best orchestra seats, and don’t overlook the flowers, champagne, and telephone calls.

If you’re trying to impress a Leo male, get the best cut of steak from the butcher and don’t spare the wine. If he brings a good bottle of wine (and he will), exclaim over the astute choice he made, then exclaim again over the wine’s bouquet and taste. And then bring out your final surprise—that flaming dessert or special after-dinner brandy.

Keep the ambiance posh.

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