How To Attract Libra Man & Woman

How To Attract Libra

Librans are the jewels of the zodiac—the kind you see displayed in Tiffany’s windows, not on Woolworth’s shelves. They exist to be admired. Their milieu is that of the social arts, the world of good manners and pleasantries.

Don’t fret about what topics to discuss. Librans have a great many interests—theater, antiques, decorating, art collecting—and are marvelous conversationalists. Of course, their favorite topic is themselves. You’ll discover that even when they appear to be discussing something else, they’re really talking about their own interests—in disguise. Pay the most generous compliment you can think of that has some grounding in truth and they’ll be charmed by you.

If this becomes a bit wearing for you, switch to some controversial problem currently in the news. Take a strong position without being challenging or disagreeable. Librans are always interested in both sides of a question, and if you express a strong opinion they will take pleasure in pointing out what’s to be said for the other side. This won’t lead to an argument or unpleasantness—Librans dread that—but might make for lively conversation. And if you tell Librans how smart they are and how much you’ve learned, you won’t be making a mistake.

Librans dote on luxury and often judge people by the kind of places they go to. They believe first-class people never go to second-class places—unless they’re slumming. Atmosphere means a good deal, and the wrong kind of setting is psychically disturbing. They don’t care how expensive the right place is. Librans always think their pleasure is worth the price.

If you’re trying to please a Libran, show that you have taste. Don’t dress sloppily. Librans like to be proud of their dates. If you invite a Libran to your house, be sure the ambiance is right. No noisy stereo, no garish lighting. Dinner had better be delicious (even if you order it sent up from an expensive restaurant) and served on your very best china and crystal—preferably by candlelight. Good music is always helpful. Librans respond to harmonious sounds.

In general, don’t hold back on anything. Go all out. Whatever may be said against too much, too soon, Librans believe that that’s a lot better than too little, too late.

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