How To Attract Pisces Man & Woman

How To Attract Pisces

You can always interest them in conversation about the world of entertainment, art, books, poetry, and dramatics. Another sure way to get their attention is to discuss any topic touching on the occult, mysticism, spiritualism, and the supernatural, particularly anything involving reincarnation. Pisceans who don’t actually believe in it (there aren’t many) are fascinated by discussions about it.

Tell them your problems. They’re great listeners and their sympathy is mostly genuine. But avoid giving the appearance of being overwhelmed by your problems.While Pisceans have an unusual compassion for losers, they prefer people who are strong and supportive, with definite goals and a positive approach to life.

A good compromise tactic is to discuss your difficulties humorously. Pisceans like to laugh and will be impressed by your ability to smile your troubles away.

Ask them about a subject they know well. (Tip: Pisceans are artistic, or at least have a real appreciation for the arts, so you can hardly go wrong moving in that direction.) Pisces will soon open up. In fact, your problem may be getting back in control of the conversation. Pisceans love to expound and explain and expatiate.

Always greet them with a compliment about their appearance or social presence, or remember to repeat a flattering comment someone else made about them. Pisces soaks up flattery like the Sahara soaks up water. Above all, be sentimental. Remember each birthday and anniversary. Pisceans are grateful and they don’t forget kindness or thoughtfulness. You’ll be richly rewarded.


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