How To Attract Taurus Man & Woman

How To Attract Taurus

Taureans are not going to be rushed. They like everything, including a friendship or a love affair, to be built on a firm foundation. That may require restraint and patience, but these are qualities Taureans appreciate, for they possess those traits themselves.

Hint: The first move is up to you. Taurus is slow to make up his or her mind, and the opportunity will be gone if you don’t seize the initiative.

Show them you like to be in their company, and try to amuse them. These quiet, easygoing people respond to those from whom they can borrow laughter. You’ll find them charming companions, interested and interesting. A tendency to be somewhat ponderous or to go on at excessive length can be corrected with an apt remark at the right time.

If you tell a joke, remember that Taurus’s sense of humor tends to be broad, robust, Rabelaisian. Physical jokes strike their funnybones.

If you’re feeding a Taurus, feed him or her well. Take her to a restaurant where the chef knows his business and where you can get a good bottle of wine. Cook him a meal at home that shows you know your way around a kitchen, and don’t skimp on the portions.

If the conversation starts to lag, try that never-failing topic of interest: money. By all means, show off your prized possessions, from stamps to ivory miniatures to jade, or even Indian-head pennies. To a Taurean, it’s all endlessly fascinating.

Don’t monopolize the conversation. Once Taureans get started, they like to talk. And don’t be niggardly with praise—for their home, their car, clothes, jewelry, their just plain good taste, and, above all, for them.

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