Leo November Horoscope 2015

Leo Forecast November 2015

It’s time to lighten up your life. The transformative power of the Scorpio New Moon in your 4th House of Foundations on November 6 motivates you to confront a lingering, unresolved hurt from the past—then let go of it and move on. Impulsive Mars in adventurous Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, is now visiting your 5th House of Self- Expression, empowering you to do what makes you feel good in the moment. Retrograde Venus—which polarizes your feelings while in fixed Scorpio—backs up into peaceful Libra and your 3rd House of Information on November 7. Although you’ve been revisiting issues tied to family dynamics or romantic involvements since Venus turned retrograde on October 8, your need for harmony in relationships now becomes more important than your drive for understanding. Chatty Mercury follows Mars into inspirational Sagittarius and your fun-loving 5th House on November 8, giving your words an uplifting and philosophical tilt. Then, when Venus turns direct along with philosophical Jupiter on November 18, you’re able to say good-bye to a previous attachment—a person or a dream—without animosity or grief.

Your heart continues to open as you receive a creative boost from the Mercury-Mars conjunction on November 20. The determined Taurus Full Moon on November 21 reflects your unyielding desire to bring the recent changes to fruition. By the time the Sun enters confident Sagittarius on November 22, the upcoming holiday season suddenly seems very near. Optimism continues to replace caution through the end of the month, yet cozy Venus’s reentry into your private 4th House on November 29 encourages you to enjoy your friends and family while staying close to home.

Leo Important & Lucky Days November 2015

Although the New Moon in shadowy Scorpio on November 6 can put you in touch with complex feelings, it’s also a signal that a metamorphosis is under way. Rational Mercury’s trines to extravagant Jupiter on November 4 and to surprising Uranus on November 6 bring good news out of the blue. You’re thrilled—perhaps a little prematurely. Everything is not exactly as it appears, for Mercury also squares mythical Neptune, pitting your logic against your imagination. Setting aside time to lose yourself in your dreams can help you stay grounded.

You are gifted with extraordinary vision today: The Sun in your 4th House of Security acts like a superconductor for Jupiter’s expansiveness when these two giants form a harmonious trine. This isn’t just blind optimism, for assertive Mars receives a reality check—along with organizational assistance—from a sextile to hardworking Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication. By consciously reaching past your comfort zone now, you can accomplish more than you expect.

You have so many new ideas, you can’t decide which to pursue when clever Mercury squares unconventional Uranus on November 27. Go ahead and take one of your strokes of brilliance as far as you can—and then a bit farther—when justdo- it Mars squares wildly enthusiastic Jupiter on November 29. Nevertheless, brace yourself for the serious planning and consistent hard work that must follow when Mercury enters tenacious Capricorn and your 6th House of Daily Routines on November 30.


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