Libra September 2015

Libra Monthly Horoscope Forecast September 2015

libra september 2015
This month starts quietly with messenger Mercury retrograde in your 12th House of Endings until September 12. Feelings intensify as sensual Venus and ardent Mars leave your even-keeled air sign for the deeper passions of mysterious Scorpio on September 8 and September 14, respectively. Your forays into unknown emotional territory are affirmed as giant Jupiter backs into watery Pisces on September 9 to conjunct unorthodox Uranus on September 18 in your 6th House of Health and Work. This mind-opening conjunction is the second in a series of three that began on June 8 and culminates on January 4, 2016. Paradoxically, the first one was in your 7th House of Others, placing the focus directly on relationships. Now, however, you are being given an opportunity to alter your perspective on the practical details of your everyday life. Change is no longer just a good idea; it’s imperative to break free of restrictive patterns and outmoded habits. Make adjustments to your diet, your exercise program, your job—anywhere you can positively impact your daily routine.

The meticulous Virgo New Moon on September 8 falls in your spiritual 12th House, juxtaposing your insatiable need for tangible facts with a longing to discover the true purpose of your soul. You become acutely aware of the vast differences between your inner world and the outer one when the Sun opposes Jupiter and Uranus on September 21. Your task is to restore balance to your life, especially around the Fall Equinox, because the Sun enters Libra the Scales on September 22. Your negotiating skills are called into action on September 23, when the insistent Aries Full Moon pushes you to resolve previously hidden tensions.

Libra September Key Dates 2015

An easy trine between romantic Venus and otherworldly Neptune can serve up a dreamy day. You make others feel special, yet you may be so sensitive to them that you forget about your own needs. The good news is that you can be happy no matter what happens, for your fantasies trump reality now. The bad news is that the rose-colored glasses won’t always keep your daydreams from crashing to earth.

Venus tempts you with the possibility of immediate gratification when she forms a tricky quincunx with subversive Uranus on September 7. The New Moon in precise Virgo on September 8 normally clears the air of cloudy illusions, but sultry Venus encourages secrecy when she enters enigmatic Scorpio on the same day. It’s hard to know how best to express your desires now. Physical Mars forms a superconductive trine with mystical Neptune on September 9, further complicating your life. This magical connection can be fun, but it might be wiser to take the high road and choose spiritual love over personal indulgence.

Cerebral Mercury turns direct on September 12, but you may find intellectual solutions more workable in theory than in practice when action-oriented Mars forms an unmanageable quincunx with the explosive Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on September 13. It’s a struggle for you to manage your physical energy now— you’re tempted to do either too much or too little. Eliminating excess noise and getting back to the basics is your best strategy at the moment.

The sobering Sun-Saturn conjunction falls in your sign, demanding a higher level of self-discipline. Even if you attempt to avoid responsibilities now, they will haunt you, and you’ll still need to deliver what you promised. It’s easier, however, if you fulfill your obligations on your own, rather than waiting for circumstances to force you to do the right thing.


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