Pisces Forecast December 2015

Monthly Horoscope December 2015 Pisces

Your public life may be just as busy as your personal life during this hectic holiday season. On December 5, the New Moon in high-spirited Sagittarius occurs in your 10th House of Career, where it revitalizes enthusiasm for your job. But if you don’t find stimulation in your profession, this event encourages you to expand your search until you find something that does excite you. Reliable Saturn’s supportive sextile to the New Moon permits you to think big without losing sight of practical realities. When macho Mars, the planet of action and initiative, enters ambitious Capricorn and your 11th House of Groups on December 7, you’re ready to take charge of a team. Although you may encounter rivals who challenge your authority, don’t surrender. Instead, use this as an opportunity to sharpen your skills at managing tough situations.

Communicative Mercury’s retrograde period begins in your 11th House on December 10 and ends in your 10th House on December 30. You’ll need to control details and be precise with your words to maintain effective leadership. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 21 is a Total Lunar Eclipse in your 4th House of Roots that could bring up old emotional conflicts on the home front. Intense squares to the volatile Jupiter-Uranus conjunction may provoke surprising events and powerful feelings that shake your foundations. Yet this is also a chance to air out issues that have been simmering below the surface, let go of the past, and create a more fulfilling future. The Sun’s entry into Capricorn—also on the 21st—is the Winter Solstice, a seasonal turning point. You’re rewarded for your discipline and commitment with greater admiration from your colleagues and friends.

Pisces Important & Lucky Days December 2015

The smooth ride of a flexible Mars-Neptune sextile on December 2 can turn bumpy when the warrior planet crashes into a square with wild Uranus on December 3. You’re chilling out one day and ready to explode the next; even if you keep your cool, reality is likely to throw a curveball that knocks you off balance. Consider this shakeup a crucial step toward breaking out of old patterns and work habits. You want to be free to expand your professional prospects with the New Moon in brave Sagittarius on December 5.

Even you mild-mannered Pisces are likely to be steaming mad today, with mental Mercury joining contentious Mars and domineering Pluto. Intense conversations with friends and colleagues may go over familiar territory again and again. It’s only worth the energy to argue, research, and debate if you’re coming up with new material instead of picking at the same old wounds.

The Full Moon Eclipse in jittery Gemini on December 21 may wreak havoc at home or stir restless feelings that even the Sun’s entry into orderly Capricorn is unlikely to settle. The more quickly events occur, the more slowly you need to react to them. That’s because impetuous behavior only adds more fuel to the fire. Assessing the situation can be tricky, too, as Mercury’s square to Jupiter skews judgment. Responding cautiously remains your wisest course the next day, when Mars slips on a semisquare with watery Neptune.

You may be under pressure to go along with someone’s plan when the Sun conjuncts manipulative Pluto in your 11th House of Friends. Ideally, your commitment to any activity comes from your own desires instead of another’s demands. Don’t give in to bullies, and don’t hold back from recognizing what you want most and letting those closest know your true feelings.

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