Pisces November Horoscope 2015

Pisces Forecast November 2015

You welcome fresh ideas and new experiences in what should be an inspiring month. Your two ruling planets go direct, turning their positive energy outward as their uplifting influences become more and more visible in your life. Supernatural Neptune makes its forward turn on November 7 and auspicious Jupiter does the same on November 18, stimulating your enthusiasm to express your ideals and pursue your dreams. The New Moon in resourceful Scorpio on November 6 occurs in your 9th House of Truth, Travel, and Higher Education, where it intensifies your desire to broaden your intellectual horizons. Learning for you, though, is not an abstract process, but one that must engage your feelings as well as your mind. Clever Mercury’s entry into extroverted Sagittarius and your 10th House of Career on November 8 emboldens your thinking and amps up your energy for selling or teaching something you can believe in.

Untangling knotty relationship problems gets easier when Venus goes direct in your 8th House of Intimacy on November 18. Her direct turn on the same day as Jupiter’s shift into forward gear is a doubly positive sign that your chances for happiness are growing. The earthy Taurus Full Moon on November 21 is in your 3rd House of Information, where it helps ground your ideas with supportive data. However, a tense square from fanciful Neptune can undermine the credibility of your communication or allow you to fall for a phony story. The creative Sun’s entry into outgoing Sagittarius on November 22 lights up your 10th House of Public Responsibility, allowing you to attract more attention and demonstrate a greater capacity to be a fearless leader.

Pisces Important & Lucky Days November 2015

There are no limits to your thinking as cerebral Mercury soars with a free-falling trine to Jupiter on November 4. Your ability to translate powerful feelings into words—and to enrich facts with emotion—makes you a compelling speaker. If you believe in a product or a concept, you can successfully sell it now. Your faith may be strong, but data is dodgy when Mercury crosses paths with elusive Neptune on November 6. Mercury’s trine to inventive Uranus can spark a revelation, yet a skeptic may reject your brilliance as the messenger planet semisquares conservative Saturn.

You have a rare combination of strategic vision and organizational ability working in sync today. An efficient Mars-Saturn sextile provides a strong sense of order and discipline that can see you through almost any challenge, while an energy-rich trine between the Sun and Jupiter encourages you to aim for the distant stars. Lay the groundwork now for a goal worthy of your highest expectations—and you’ll reach it down the road.

A month rich in ideas peaks as brainy Mercury aspects three planets in three days. The messenger planet’s square to overblown Jupiter could bring an overload of information or exaggeration on November 25. Its smart sextile with Neptune on November 27 adds the subtle insights of intuition. Still, Mercury’s square to eclectic Uranus excites your mind with unconventional views and stirs conversations with shocks and surprises.

More may not necessarily be better today with active Mars in a dynamic square to boundless Jupiter. If you manage your energy poorly, it might lead to exhaustion, bad judgment, or over-the-top opinions. Little differences can blow up into major disputes unless you practice self-control. Direct this big wave of force with careful attention so that you can adjust its course if it’s taking you somewhere you don’t want to go.

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