Sagittarius November Horoscope 2015

Sagittarius Forecast November 2015

This month begins as if nothing much is happening, but don’t be fooled: Four planets will complete their retrograde periods in these weeks, building momentum for powerful change. Chiron and Neptune turn direct on November 5 and November 7, respectively, in your 3rd House of Learning. These are subtle influences that encourage you to help others by teaching them what you’ve learned on your spiritual journey. But the suspicious Scorpio New Moon on November 6 falls in your 12th House of Secrets, indicating that you’re reluctant to reveal everything you know until others demonstrate that they’re ready to handle the entire truth. You begin to emerge from an uncharacteristic period of isolation when charming Venus retrogrades back into your 11th House of Groups on November 7, giving you the time to mend recently broken bonds with friends and associates. This trend continues when messenger Mercury leaves your reclusive 12th House on November 8 to join Mars in animated Sagittarius and your 1st House of Personality.

Benevolent Jupiter and resourceful Venus go direct on November 18, completing the planetary turnaround and freeing you from your own personal merrygo- round so you don’t have to cover old emotional territory again and again. The indulgent Taurus Full Moon on November 21 falls in your 6th House of Habits, insisting that you make pleasure part of your daily routine. The Sun slips into adventuresome Sagittarius on November 22, announcing the beginning of your astrological birth month and empowering you to shine the light of your soul with new brightness and clarity. Yet even if you’re having the time of your life, you still must handle the conflicts that arise between your personal needs and those of your family.

Sagittarius Important & Lucky Days November 2015

November 4 is an upbeat day when you can inspire others with your dreams and schemes. It’s all because Mercury the Messenger in your 12th House of Fantasy smoothly trines starry-eyed Jupiter. The mystical 12th House emphasis then continues through November 6, when a transformative Scorpio New Moon brings you the opportunity for spiritual renewal. Misunderstandings are likely when Mercury squares delusional Neptune also on the 6th, but the communicator planet’s trine to innovative Uranus can save the day, when following a sudden hunch leads you to an even better destination.

You can make a leap of faith today thanks to the positive influence of boundless Jupiter on the Sun in your soulful 12th House. This Sun-Jupiter trine opens the channels of expression, emboldening you to move beyond the limits you normally place on yourself. Fortunately, you can be an extremely competent manager today as bold Mars sextiles stabilizing Saturn. This is a day to imagine all the possibilities and then take direct action to manifest them.

Complications emerge when analytical Mercury squares giant Jupiter on November 25, increasing your confidence while encouraging sloppy thinking. You can miss important details because you’re so enamored with the big picture. Mercury aligns with nebulous Neptune, limiting Saturn, and unruly Uranus on November 27, indicating that if you want to make your fantasies real, you must work extra hard and apply your skills in a practical manner. But cause and effect are a bit tricky now, and the results of your actions may be quite surprising. Still, you are undaunted; on November 29, feisty Mars squares your key planet, Jupiter, inflating your bravado and encouraging heroic if not foolish action.


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