Sagittarius October 2015

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: October 2015 

The tidal wave has passed, and with it the pressure to make major life-changing decisions. It may feel as if a great drama has played out and the stress is beginning to ease, giving you time to integrate everything that’s happened and set your course for the months ahead. But having time to regroup doesn’t mean you can be lazy. This is your chance to focus on your life as it unfolds, instead of being preoccupied with the grand scheme of things and the surprises around the next corner.

The month begins with a flurry of personal activity and high-intensity communication, all of which stirs up original ideas that you want to share—and fantasies about love that you prefer to keep to yourself. On October 3, a creative conjunction between beautiful Venus and physical Mars can heat up your desires, but they are in enigmatic Scorpio in your 12th House of Soul Consciousness, so your romance is spiritual, secret, or only in your dreams. Chatty Mercury’s visit to your 11th House of Friends and Wishes on October 3–20 encourages you to talk about your goals with those you trust. The gracious Libra New Moon on October 7 falls in your community-minded 11th House, suggesting that getting along with others may be more important than having your own way. On October 8, Venus goes retrograde, initiating a six-week period in which you turn inward to reconsider what you want from love and, perhaps, even reconnect with an old flame. The irrepressible Aries Full Moon on October 22 falls in your 5th House of Play, highlighting your eagerness to express yourself freely if it adds to the fun.

Sagittarius Key Dates October 2015

Quicksilver Mercury in detail-oriented Virgo helps you meticulously sort through lots of information on October 1–2, when it opposes excessive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus. Avoid making emotional judgments about what you learn now, however; with Mercury in your public 10th House, it’s best that you leave your feelings at home. Still, staying cool and detached is quite a challenge on October 3, when a Venus-Mars conjunction in evocative Scorpio can awaken dangerous desires.

Harsh words might fly between you and your friends or co-workers on October 5, when communicator Mercury in your 11th House of Teamwork squares rigid Pluto. Sultry Venus’s hard aspect to rebellious Uranus tempts you with dreams of instant gratification. Unfortunately, even the lovely Libra New Moon on October 7 can’t guarantee success: Venus turns retrograde on October 8, just as a sobering Mercury-Saturn conjunction restrains forthright discussions. For now, you’re likely better off remaining silent.

The feisty Aries Full Moon on October 22 falls in your 5th House of Spontaneity, urging you to take a creative or romantic risk. However, your judgment may be clouded because courageous Mars squares uncertain Neptune, leaving you lost in a daydream. The Sun’s entry into your 12th House of Fantasy on October 23 puts even more distance between you and reality. A brilliant resolution is possible on October 24, when Mars’s trine to breakthrough Uranus bestows clarity and originality on everything you do.

You can get a lot done when spunky Mars is in your sign from October 28 to December 7. You should feel the shift physically in the form of new vitality. You’ll be even better off if you help Mars work for you by beginning a physical exercise routine or improving your current regimen. Start right away to gain the maximum benefit from this rejuvenating transit.


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