Sagittarius September 2015

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast September 2015

sagittarius september 2015
This month pulls you into unfamiliar waters, and your complex emotions can distract you from career ambitions. You may be surprised now by the joy of withdrawing into quieter realms. This shift starts slowly, for logical Mercury in your public 10th House turned retrograde on August 20 and remains so until September 12, giving you time to recover from last month’s extreme stress. While you’re still reviewing recent changes and reconsidering what’s next for you at work, loving Venus enters mysterious Scorpio and your 12th House of Divinity on September 8, arousing a deep yearning to connect with your spiritual side. Visionary Jupiter backs into sympathetic Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family on September 9—as Uranus did last month—recalling the past to lure you out of your head and into your heart. But the practical Virgo New Moon on September 8 in your professional 10th House is a significant reminder that you still have work to finish before you can pursue metaphysical interests.

You’re more inclined to work alone when energetic Mars enters intense Scorpio and your private 12th House on September 14. Nevertheless, you can feel the buzz for a couple of weeks around enthusiastic Jupiter’s conjunction with explosive Uranus on September 18. This alignment—the second in a series of three that began on June 8 and completes on January 4, 2016—falls in your personal 4th House, taking you on a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane. Paradoxically, though, this transit is progressive and can thrust you into the future. The pioneering Aries Full Moon on September 23 activates your 5th House of Spontaneity, sealing the deal with new delights and preventing you from regressing into unhealthy old behaviors.

Sagittarius September Key Dates 2015

You’re lost in dreams as alluring Venus in your 11th House of Long-Term Goals sweetly trines illusory Neptune, blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Whether you listen to music, spend time in nature, or go to a movie, however, it’s crucial to stay in the present moment: Today’s beauty is fleeting. You could fall in love with someone or something, only to be disappointed when your experience doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Although the critical Virgo New Moon on September 8 can help focus on material goals, seductive Venus sashays into your mystical 12th House to pull you away from practical concerns. When physical Mars slips into an easy trine with diffusive Neptune on September 9, you find it even harder to assert yourself effectively. It’s not that you’re lazy; it’s just that your goals are changing. You’re more interested now in going on a journey of the soul than getting a promotion at work.

Mercury’s direct turn on September 12 helps you consider how to put your best ideas into motion to accomplish your ambitious plans. But you may have a problem at first, because insistent Mars forms annoying quincunxes with radical Uranus and bombastic Jupiter on September 13, daring you to be assertive without being too aggressive. It’s a delicate balance between going for what you want and coming on too strong. This will take ongoing vigilance; applying the right amount of energy could be a challenge all day.

When the Sun joins karmic Saturn today, you’ll likely get what you deserve. If you’re facing setbacks, decide where to cut your losses what can be salvaged. Either way, don’t be afraid to make a decision and take a definitive stand. Concentration, discipline, and commitment will go a long way toward creating your future success.


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