Scorpio December 2015

Monthly Horoscope December 2015 Scorpio

scorpio december 2015
You finish your intense year with a mental rewind that reviews the past and reveals patterns of perception and communication, opening your eyes to new ways of seeing in the future. The New Moon in inspirational Sagittarius on December 5 occurs in your 2nd House of Resources to seed visions of increased income and self-worth. You may need to step out of your comfort zone to broaden your education or take financial risks for this growth to happen. Sturdy Saturn’s solid sextile to the New Moon shows that it’s possible to push your limits without losing touch with practical realities. Innovative Uranus’s direct turn on the same day feeds you with originality to help redefine your economic landscape. Your co-ruling planet Mars marches into responsible Capricorn on December 7, strengthening you with mental discipline in the 3rd House of Learning. Yet cerebral Mercury will be retrograde December 10–30, telling you to clean up your past before ringing in the New Year.

Mars joins provocative Pluto on December 13, inciting extreme reactions that seem out of proportion with current events. Anger or resentment explodes if you attempt to bottle up your emotions; the tension might even build toward the holidays. An unsettling Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on December 21 stresses mental Mercury, impassioned Pluto, expansive Jupiter, and revolutionary Uranus— potentially wreaking havoc or, hopefully, initiating a breakthrough. Still, the pressure for change keeps rising when the Sun enters ambitious Capricorn later that day, marking the Winter Solstice. Your 2015 is not going out with a whimper, Scorpio, but with a bang of intensity that will continue to resonate through the years ahead.

Scorpio Important & Lucky Days December 2015

Life gets steamy today when Mercury backs over Pluto and Mars. This triple conjunction of the planets of mind, power, and action stirs a spicy stew of creativity as the imaginative Pisces Moon falls in your 5th House of Self-Expression. It’s complex to be feeling such mental aggression when you’re also emotionally raw and vulnerable. Negatively, it’s a perfect storm of volatile reactions, since words are so heavily charged. Fortunately, you can be incredibly productive if you find a constructive outlet to channel your ideas and emotions.

You could find yourself busily running around trying to finish last-minute holiday preparations with a busy Gemini Full Moon Eclipse in your 6th House of Details on December 21. You might even feel like Cinderella before she meets the Fairy Godmother. You’re frustrated about the overload of tasks you’re facing, and experiencing doubts about your future employment. The Sun’s entry into solid Capricorn should ground you, perhaps with the assistance of a reliable friend. Seek an ally to reestablish your professional priorities rather than spinning your wheels in the same spot.

The pace of change doesn’t let up when the Sun joins relentless Pluto on December 26. Power struggles are likely as your deepest desires begin to surface and disturb the peace. Don’t give up on finding fulfillment when Venus semisquares Pluto on December 28. If there’s a major blockage in your life, Mars square Saturn on December 29 shows you exactly where the barrier is and how you can start working to remove it. This is the first step in a long process. Be patient; the cause is worthy of your best efforts.


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