Scorpio November Horoscope 2015

Scorpio Forecast November 2015

This is an unusual month: You’re moving forward personally, yet backtracking in your relationships. Individual power is emphasized by the New Moon in dynamic Scorpio on November 6, bringing more self-confidence and a greater awareness of how to manage your own energy. However, partner-oriented Venus is still retrograde in your sign, delaying the development of new connections—you may need more time to untangle old ones. When Venus slips back into socially astute Libra and your 12th House of Endings on November 7, you can recognize that changes with others, necessary as they might be, aren’t fully within your control. The counsel of a caring person or your own spiritual insight helps you find balance between self-interest and addressing the needs of others.

Transformational Pluto’s conjunction to the Moon’s soulful North Node on November 9 can mark a karmic turning point when you could make a life-changing decision. However, Pluto works so deeply that you may not even be aware you’ve made a significant choice until its effects appear in the months ahead. Happy days seem closer when sweet Venus and joyous Jupiter turn direct on November 18, followed by the Full Moon in reliable Taurus in your 7th House of Partnerships on November 21. Yet don’t be fooled by a seemingly solid person: Dreamy Neptune’s square to the Full Moon blurs your perceptions with fantasy or idealism. Letting go of resentment is a more positive expression of this event. Resource management is critical when the Sun enters your 2nd House of Income on November 22. A surprising secret to your financial success is that you may have to spend money in order to earn more.

Scorpio Important & Lucky Days November 2015

Conversations take on an edge when a snarky Mercury-Pluto semisquare exposes points of vulnerability. Yet digging deeper with colleagues or friends can uncover hidden treasures and revive relationships as Venus forms a supportive sextile with regenerative Pluto. It’s best to handle touchy subjects with discretion to avoid embarrassment.

The depth of thoughtful Mercury in Scorpio is revealed with wit, wisdom, and passion as it trines philosophical Jupiter in intuitive Pisces. This favorable mental connection in sensitive water signs combines intelligence with emotion to broaden your vision and enable you to speak with both conviction and compassion.

You find yourself jockeying for control when persistent Pluto and the intentional Sun are pulled in a tense semisquare. Reaching compromise is complicated if you’re dealing with an unyielding person—or if you’re equally unwilling to meet someone halfway. You can avoid damage, however, and gain productivity when you acknowledge everyone’s desires, whether they seem fair or not.

Avoid hastily volunteering to be helpful on November 18, when a spacey Sun- Neptune square suggests that faulty information may trump your good intentions. However, the Sun’s ingenious trine with Uranus on November 19 sharpens your game, allowing you to find a shortcut and rapidly recover your balance. Dealing with a sluggish friend may cause you to fire off some blunt words on November 20. You’re ready to roll but others may prefer to drag their heels.

Magnetic Venus returns to Scorpio, gracing your life with romance and reflecting beauty all around you. Just don’t let your good humor spur you to agree to any and all requests. An overconfident Mars-Jupiter square finds you reaching for something beyond your range or at a cost that’s way too high. Stretching yourself is good, but stop before the breaking point.


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