Scorpio October 2015

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: October 2015 

Dynamic Mars in unrelenting Scorpio continues to push you forward—but your spirit may not be fully engaged prior to October 23. That’s when the Sun enters your sign to enlighten you with a greater sense of purpose and invigorate you with the drive to accomplish more. Until then you’ll be spending time working behind the scenes, completing unfinished business, and exploring metaphysical matters with the Sun in your 12th House of Odds and Ends. The New Moon in Libra conjunct responsible Saturn on October 7 further stimulates this part of your chart, spurring a commitment to helping the unfortunate and establishing a regular spiritual practice. The timing is right for channeling some of your attention away from the body and toward your soul, since sensual Venus in Scorpio turns retrograde on October 8. Pleasure and personal desires won’t disappear but may feel less urgent until Venus turns direct on November 18.

Curious Mercury’s entry into Scorpio on October 20 deepens conversations and directs your thoughts inward to unravel the mystery of relationships. A clearer sense of your identity is a strong foundation for knowing what you need from others. A crisis or breakthrough in awareness is on tap with the pioneering Aries Full Moon on October 22. It occurs in your 6th House of Health and Habits, exposing lifestyle patterns you need to adjust. You could also be challenged to take on new tasks at work—or be sufficiently bored to seek a more stimulating job. Take-charge Mars zooms into your 2nd House of Finances on October 28, increasing personal spending and motivating you to follow your entrepreneurial instincts.

Scorpio Key Dates October 2015

Too much can feel just about right as assertive Mars aspects giant Jupiter on October 2. It’s better to apply your extra energy playfully than to fight, especially when Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, hook up in your sign on October 3. This is a lusty, luscious, and creative combination that brings out the seductive side of your personality. Be choosy about whom you charm, since electrifying connections between Mars and Venus with Uranus on October 4–5 can engender reckless behavior. An accusatory Mercury-Pluto square on October 5 turns words into lasers that can deftly cut through confusion—or wound with wicked comments.

A potent Mars-Pluto semisquare indicates that you may not be in the mood to play games—or that if you do participate, you’re definitely playing to win. It’s easy to be intolerant when you feel pressured to perform at the highest level. Yet without a bit of flexibility, you can get bogged down in endless tasks or sidetracked by uncooperative individuals, thus slowing your progress. The day’s upside is the capacity to concentrate your efforts at just the right moment so that you can make a real breakthrough.

You instinctively understand today how to broach a delicate issue or put the pieces together in a messy situation. Logical Mercury stretches your mind to see from unusual angles with a creative quintile to shrewd Pluto. There are few puzzles you can’t resolve now when you take the time to study them carefully.

You normally have little patience with a restless or inconsistent person who is big on talk and weak on follow-through. Today, however, a hyperefficient Sun-Pluto sextile puts you at ease in almost any situation. Surprises don’t throw you; nor do unreliable partners cause you to lose focus. Fortunately, you know how to get the most from others without coming across too strong.


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