Taurus December 2015

Monthly Horoscope December 2015 Taurus

taurus december 2015
Instead of just filling yourself up with holiday cheer, you have some emotional work to finish before the end of the year. Data-devouring Mercury’s retrograde turn in your 9th House of Big Ideas on December 10 makes it more difficult to assimilate new information or organize elaborate plans. Editing and eliminating may provide the clarity you need to manage your life effectively now and make healthy decisions for the future. Mercury’s retrograde through December 30 can complicate travel, so double-check your arrangements and allow ample time to reduce stress on the road. The New Moon in free-spirited Sagittarius on December 5 stirs your 8th House of Intimacy with an itch to go on an adventure with someone special. Expressing this desire is a risk worth taking, because stable Saturn balances your hunger for more with a sense of realism and a touch of diplomacy.

You might feel the earth shifting beneath your feet on December 21: The Full Moon in jittery Gemini is a Total Lunar Eclipse tangled up with three outer planets. Petulant Pluto opposes the Moon, while the raucous rumbling of Jupiter joined with Uranus challenges it with a square. It can be hard to find a solid place to stand in such chaos. This is also the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn, a sign rooted in reason, discipline, and ambition. Yet the seasonal change won’t be orderly for you with the Sun heading toward a conjunction with Pluto on December 26, casting a shadow on celebrations. This union in your 9th House of Beliefs can stoke extreme attitudes, reducing tolerance and open-mindedness. If you encounter resistance, meeting it with flexibility frees you to overcome current limits.

Taurus Important & Lucky Days December 2015

Volatile reactions are likely as impatient Mars aligns in an explosive square with Uranus. Be boldly innovative if you want someone’s attention today. Yet if you think that others are being wildly inconsistent, perhaps even dangerous, you may be right. Don’t jump into a sketchy situation unless you have a clear way to work your way out of it.

Your ability to manage people and resources is excellent when value-driven Venus makes a smart sextile with thrifty Pluto on December 8. A keen eye and generous attitude help you repair damaged relationships and maximize assets. Mental Mercury’s retrograde turn on December 10 coincides with a sextile to Venus that increases your chances for meaningful conversations and ups your ability to discuss delicate matters peacefully.

Maturity is critical to keeping the peace at this emotional time of the year. The ego-centered Sun joins the Moon’s North Node on December 24, and image-conscious Venus forms a cranky semisquare with this karmic point on December 25. It falls upon you to be reasonable when those around you fall into petty disputes. You don’t need to have all the answers to make a major contribution to everyone’s happiness. When you focus on a specific issue in practical terms, you can resolve it efficiently, so don’t allow emotions to turn a minor matter into a major philosophical battle.

Unreasonable requests at work can be frustrating on December 28, and you might feel that it’s impossible to do what’s expected of you. A tense square between combative Mars and restrictive Saturn on December 29 ratchets up the pressure to perform without mistakes. If this is an ongoing pattern, you may be at a defining moment of change. But if it’s a onetime experience, dig in and do your best for now.

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