Taurus November Horoscope 2015

Taurus Forecast November 2015

You’re sure Christmas is coming early when a passel of planets stop their backward slides and begin moving forward. Venus, your sign’s ruler, turns direct on November 18, signaling a quicker pace of progress at work and in relationships. Joyful Jupiter’s shift forward on the same day doubles the dose of good news with increasing optimism, especially with friends and colleagues. Spiritual forces are stirring, too, as healing Chiron and compassionate Neptune end their retrograde cycles on November 5–7. Dreams about a more fulfilling career or hope for a more caring society may begin to move from concept to reality. The key cycles of the Sun and Moon add fuel to your engine with the New Moon in powerful Scorpio on November 6 falling in your 7th House of Partnerships. This makes it easier for you to you meet others, both personally and professionally, while developing a deeper level of connection within current relationships.

A reawakening sense of self-importance can motivate you to alter your image and your approach to others when the Full Moon on November 21 falls in your 1st House of Personality. Neptune’s square challenges this Sun-Moon opposition and could mislead you with unrealistic ideas. Keep one foot solidly on the ground to balance fantasy with facts and avoid wasting time and energy on individuals who are all talk and no action. Still, expecting more from others and being more generous with those who truly inspire you is appropriate with the Sun’s entry into buoyant Sagittarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on November 22. Broadening your vision of what’s possible emotionally and materially is bound to enrich all your relationships.

Taurus Important & Lucky Days November 2015

Retrograde Venus, the planet of attraction, backs into a connective sextile with powerful Pluto, bringing life to fading creative projects and faltering romances. Your ability to maximize resources increases your return on relationships and provides you with a strong motivation to develop your underused talents.

Smart people and astute observations sharpen your mind and empower your words as mental Mercury forms a clever trine with farseeing Jupiter on November 4. You can package facts with enthusiasm to make a convincing case that’s likely to win over others. But it’s your willingness to listen and learn that enhances an exchange of ideas both stimulating and practical. Communication gets more complicated on November 6 when Mercury tangles with foggy Neptune, unruly Uranus, and skeptical Saturn. Be cautious about what you say: Emotion can overrule reason and send confusing signals. On November 7, Venus revisits Libra and your 6th House of Details, where ambiguity spurs compromises that may not be entirely fair to you. Giving in a little is fine as long as you receive as much.

You can make adjustments and recover quickly now, even from the most awkward situations. Sociable Venus stresses aggressive Mars on November 14, inciting conflict. The following day, however, Mars slides smoothly into a sextile with responsible Saturn to help set things right. You know how to apply the right amount of pressure to motivate people without seeming pushy, and you have the discipline to apply your energy effectively.

Magnetic Venus returns to transformative Scorpio and your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life to reopen doors that may have been recently closed. This is an excellent time to reconnect with individuals who appreciate your passion and intensity. An exchange of strong feelings may be essential to get the most out of your relationships. Trust your instincts to go only where your heart desires.


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