Taurus September 2015

Taurus Monthly Horoscope Forecast September 2015

taurus september 2015
Your social life receives a boost this month when the New Moon in earthy Virgo fertilizes your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression with fresh ideas on September 8. The combined forces of the Sun and Moon in this sultry sector of your chart help you polish up your act to attract personal attention or to make a more powerful impression professionally. On the same day, your ruling planet, Venus, sashays into Scorpio and your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life. This confirms the message that it’s time for you to reveal your true feelings to someone special.

The pace of communication increases when chatty Mercury starts moving forward on September 12. Unfinished romantic conversations and creative ideas are back on the table as you pick up where you left off several weeks ago. Potent Pluto’s direct turn on September 14 is in your 9th House of Future Vision, requiring you to process the fears that prevent you from reaching your potential. Passionate Mars enters Scorpio on September 14, reinforcing your commitment to pursue who and what you want with uncharacteristic emotional intensity. It’s healthier to be more proactive with others now than to passively wait for your unspoken needs to be met. A brilliant Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on September 18 triggers flashes of insight as colleagues excite you with big ideas. Watch out, however, for impulses to go to extremes when the Sun enters balance-seeking Libra in your 6th House of Work on September 22. An unexpected conflict could arise with the Full Moon in pugnacious Aries, blindsiding you from your 12th House of Secrets on September 23. Maintaining your cool in the midst of a struggle that threatens your long-term plans is the best way to stay on track.

Taurus September Key Dates 2015

Fragile feelings make you extra sensitive to the opinions of others on September 3. It’s easy to take an innocent comment and interpret it as a critical remark. Doublecheck your initial impressions before making an assumption that can undermine trust. Fortunately, you can quickly forgive and forget when lovely Venus aligns in a healing trine with spiritual Neptune on September 4. This pair makes magic happenin the most delightful ways, inspiring you with art, beauty, romance . . . the many pleasures that make life so sweet.

Your likes and dislikes are more clearly defined as evaluating Venus enters your 7th House of Relationships and the emotionally intense sign Scorpio. Little things you’ve put up with from a partner might now become intolerable. Yet you can turn a negative into a positive by working harder to fulfill your desires. The industrious Virgo New Moon gives you the motivation to manage the messiness of negotiations with a current mate or to connect with someone new as you drive toward personal satisfaction.

Charming Venus aligns smartly with Pluto on September 12, empowering you to get what you want without paying too much for it. However, active Mars skids through a chaotic zone on September 13 that’s bound to upset a few apple carts. Avoid overreacting until the warrior planet enters persevering Scorpio on September 14. Then you can concentrate your forces to overcome almost any obstacle you encounter.

You struggle to fit in with when sluggish Saturn and the bright Sun square the connective Moon’s Nodes. Try not to force anyone to make a decision, especially about work, and don’t feel pressured to make one yourself. This is a testing period in relationships that requires time for careful consideration before you’re ready to take the next step.


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