Virgo December 2015

Monthly Horoscope December 2015 Virgo

virgo december 2015
The real gifts of the holidays, Virgo, may not arrive for you until the very end of the year, because your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde December 10–30. Life still advances during this planet’s backward cycle, yet you may be more involved with finishing off the old than stepping into the new. Tying up loose ends—especially related to home, family, and creative projects—can keep you from looking ahead until the New Year’s ball is about to drop. Seeds for new adventures are planted with the Sagittarius New Moon in your 4th House of Roots on December 5. Clear your garden to give them room to germinate and grow. This joyous season is a mix of work and play with active Mars entering disciplined Capricorn in your 5th House of Fun and Games on December 7. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to organize holiday parties at the office or for your kid’s school.

Stormy conditions are brewing at work and at home with a hyperactive Lunar Eclipse on December 21. This Full Moon is shaky in the last degree of Gemini, with uncertainty stoked by volatile squares from Jupiter and Uranus. It’s easy to be all over the map emotionally now, as both internal feelings and external conditions shift in the blink of an eye. Blowing off steam is helpful as long as it doesn’t lead to a breakdown. The Sun’s entry into ambitious Capricorn later that day is the Winter Solstice, marking a collective seasonal turn and a renewed personal commitment to a more creative time ahead. The mental train to take you there arrives at the station on December 30, ready to thrill you with a fresh start for the New Year.

Virgo Important & Lucky Days December 2015

A simple conversation can turn into an explosive event when an agitated Mars-Uranus square on December 3 undermines compromise and cooperation. However, if you have an original idea, rather than a rebellious attitude, you just might find a way to make it work. Pressure remains on December 5 with a suspicious Mercury-Pluto conjunction that charges words with extra power. You may be provoking others with probing questions, or you could be on the receiving end of a grilling. Either way, trust and sensitivity will deepen a connection while jealousy or carelessness can harm it.

Mercury’s retrograde turn has the magic of an old-time romance as it forms a sweet sextile with bewitching Venus. Time stands still to reveal beauty where you don’t expect it or to soothe you with loving words of encouragement. Don’t rush a conversation just because it’s not obviously productive. Pleasure is a valuable commodity that grows if you allow the time and space to indulge in it.

Edges are razor-sharp with a rare triple conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto. Words can cut someone to the quick—or slice through fuzziness and fakery to get down to bare essentials. You may be dealing with hypersensitive people, so don’t push so hard to drive your point home. If you’re getting irrational resistance or encountering someone overly aggressive, it may be wise to postpone discussion until common sense returns.

Managing your financial and physical resources wisely reduce frustration and wasted time when Mars squares frugal Saturn on December 29. Slow-and-sure is much more productive than rushing and then waiting impatiently. Mercury’s direct turn on December 30 releases you from the dungeon of redundancy. You can forge ahead freely now that you’ve taken care of business.


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