Virgo November Horoscope 2015

Virgo Forecast November 2015

Honesty is always a virtue, but when and how you express it can make all the difference this month. You start off with your usual high degree of discretion as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in confidential Scorpio meet in your 3rd House of Communication. The New Moon in this secretive sign on November 6 may reveal a mystery when someone shares a very private story. Anything you say at a time like this will be taken very seriously when a person who trusts you is this vulnerable. Valuable Venus slips back into her airy home sign Libra on November 7, inviting you to reexamine resources in your 2nd House of Money. Adjusting a financial agreement may be necessary before Venus turns forward again on November 18.

Expressive Mercury enters outgoing Sagittarius and your 4th House of Roots on November 8. You may talk more openly about yourself, even in ways that might normally be embarrassing. It is appropriate, though, to delve into your personal history, recognize how seemingly separate pieces are connected, and conceive a new sense of meaning and purpose. Still, exposing private information about family members and close friends may not be appreciated. Expansive Jupiter turns direct on November 18, along with vulnerable Venus, to add to the rising wave of openness. The persevering Taurus Full Moon on November 21 in your 9th House of Higher Truth continues the trend of speaking out and seeking answers without being cautious or coy. Then, on November 22, the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your 4th House. There it shines a bright light of hope, burning away petty issues of the past and opening your eyes to a more inspirational view of the future.

Virgo Important & Lucky Days November 2015

Hook up with a helpful partner and you can get several days of work done in one. A smart sextile between dynamic Mars and hardworking Saturn is super-efficient and makes tough tasks easy. Yet fun does not have to be left out of the equation. A fat trine between the Sun and jolly Jupiter in your 7th House of Others allows you to connect deeply with someone who shares your sense of humor. Nothing seems out of reach when you have the right person on your side.

Sharp thinking and even sharper words are likely thanks to a high-intensity conjunction of Mercury and contentious Mars. This union in your 4th House of Home and Family can provoke a fight in your household. The truth is that you’re restless, so instead of arguing, plan a vacation or a remodeling project to fulfill your need for action.

Helping a friend or colleague on November 25 may be more complicated than you think. A small task can turn into a major project, so measure the situation in detail before jumping in. Your creativity is flowing fiercely on November 27, though, when Mercury connects with imaginative Neptune and innovative Uranus. You’re now able to mesh ideas and activities that have almost nothing in common—Mercury’s clever quintile with Saturn shows you how to stitch them together.

You leave behind your fantasies about others when Venus returns to scrutinizing Scorpio and your perceptive 3rd House on November 29. Your tendency to demand clarity about your expectations of the people close to you is reinforced as your key planet, Mercury, enters no-nonsense Capricorn on November 30. Your patience for schemers and dreamers is reaching an end that may well lead to someone’s exit. Still, this is a time when you grow by letting go. Individuals and concepts that can’t be made real in the short term may not get to hang around with you for very long.


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