Virgo October 2015

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: October 2015 

A shift toward polite and peaceful interactions appears to get the month off to a pleasant start when Mercury enters gracious Libra on October 3. Yet the communication planet’s tense square with shadowy Pluto on October 5 darkens discussions and could turn your mind in a less trusting direction. The contrast between Libra’s happy talk and a more somber perspective flows in and out throughout the month. For example, the New Moon in friendly Libra on October 7 is normally a time of romantic innocence and naive optimism. However, constraining Saturn’s close proximity to Mercury and the Sun-Moon conjunction leaves you doubting your self-worth and wondering if you’re being treated fairly. Be patient if the potential rewards of the New Moon in your 2nd House of Income are delayed. Still, investing in developing your talents and professional skills now will likely pay off down the road.

A reassessment of resources is on deck for you with value-driven Venus’s retrograde turn on October 8, which starts in your 3rd House of Communication and finishes on November 18 in your financial 2nd House. Intense discussions and reflection on the past may touch old wounds and, ideally, release their toxic effects. Mercury plunges into Scorpio and your 3rd House on October 20, deepening your perceptions and intensifying your words. The irrepressible Aries Full Moon ignites your 8th House of Intimacy on October 22, pushing a personal or professional partnership to the brink. The Sun’s entry into insightful Scorpio on October 23 can seal the deal as you consciously express your willingness to go farther—or recognize that you’ve reached the end of the road and need to turn in a new direction.

Virgo Key Dates October 2015

fantasies Your imagination is uncharacteristically vivid on October 1 when Mercury shifts from a quincunx with dreamy Neptune to an opposition with optimistic Jupiter. These aspects are better for creative fiction than hard cold facts, so speak with a smile to show you’re just kidding, and take what you hear with a grain of salt. Electricity is in the air with kinetic Uranus opposing Mercury on October 2. This pair brings originality along with erratic thinking, provoking impulsive words and actions.

It’s time to be thoughtful with messenger Mercury joining solemn Saturn while Venus turns retrograde. Your every word is weighted with extra meaning, even when you’re trying to be light and playful. This is excellent for serious talk about personal matters, yet makes it difficult to relax. Confidentiality is crucial and, in fact, “no comment” could be your best response to a delicate question.

Mercury’s dive into ruminating Scorpio arrives with an energizing Mars-Jupiter trine on October 20. You turn your ideas into action easily now, especially with the help of generous partners and encouraging allies. You may run into resistance on October 21 when Mars’s forward march is slowed by authoritative Saturn. Don’t force issues or allow someone else to set your pace. A Mars-Neptune square on October 22 can be like hitting an icy patch in the road. Taking your foot off the gas is the best way to protect yourself.

Language is a tool for seduction when Mercury joins sexy Venus on October 25. The tone and tempo of words are more important now than their literal meaning. Don’t allow facts to get in the way of the feelings that tell the real story, and don’t overlook the power of eye contact. The atmosphere lightens on October 26, yet be careful about growing too cavalier with your commitments. Optimism is a wonderful quality . . . but not when it encourages you to promise more than you should.


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