Virgo September 2015

Virgo Monthly Horoscope Forecast September 2015

virgo september 2015
The ball is in your court this month as the Virgo New Moon on September 8 energizes your 1st House of Personality. Taking the initiative is even easier when Mercury turns direct in your sign on September 12. This double dose of planetary activity is ideal for kicking off a self-improvement project. Adjusting your diet, altering your appearance, and changing the ways you interact with others work best when you are prepared and well informed about your methods. As always, it’s vital to be gentle with yourself, rather than pushing yourself too hard or too fast to achieve your desired goals.

Relationship issues are revived on September 9 when Jupiter backs into sensitive Pisces and your 7th House of Partnerships, where it stays until January 22, 2016; unresolved problems can return in a more dramatic form than before. Emotional excess makes it hard for you to deal with matters rationally, especially when Jupiter joins incendiary Uranus on September 18. Still, this aspect raises the possibility of a breakthrough—some kind of radical solution or sudden awakening that frees you from the box of habitual reactions to put the past behind you. If you’re single, a meeting with an unusual person can provoke surprising reactions. This could be the igniting spark of a meaningful personal connection or a new professional relationship. Either way, it’s best to consider this a time to experiment, rather than one for building a permanent alliance. Clarity about the longterm prospects of any new union will follow the third and final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on January 4, 2016; you’ll then know if it has potential to last.

Virgo September Key Dates 2015

Choose your words carefully and take what others say less personally, because you’re acutely sensitive to language right now. Chatty Mercury joins the Sun on September 3, increasing self-consciousness, while semisquares to vulnerable Venus make for delicate conversations. There could be magic on September 4 when Venus trines Neptune, inspiring creativity and romance, yet tension between Mercury and impatient Mars on September 5 can quickly take the bloom off the rose if it gives rise to competitive feelings.

The annual New Moon in your sign is always a milestone event, one that sows seeds of intention for your year ahead. This Sun-Moon conjunction is close to an awkward semisquare with Venus in passionate Scorpio, reflecting the contrast between your practical aspirations and your emotional desires. Accepting that both are important allows you to move from duty to delight and back again without judging yourself so harshly that you aren’t satisfied with either.

You could be in for a wild ride when the Sun in your 1st House of Self opposes Jupiter and Uranus in your 7th House of Others on September 21. Overly enthusiastic individuals can drive you crazy with their unpredictability or excite you with their originality and vision. Either way, you may feel like things are out of control. On September 22, the Sun’s entry into peacemaking Libra—the Fall Equinox— eases the pressure. You become more comfortable in your own skin and less concerned with the behavior of others.

Money matters are on your mind when the Sun joins sobering Saturn in your 2nd House of Resources. If you’re encountering limits, the good news is that you have a very clear picture of where you stand and what you need to do to get your financial house in order. Investing in tools or training to increase your income potential is a smart move. A friend or colleague may offer good advice and emotional support to encourage your ambitions.


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