Zodiac Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 07 December 2015

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Aries

Romance does NOT do well after the 8th and mistakes and/or misunderstandings are highly likely near both the 9/10th and 13th. Single Rams do best finding 'enjoyable company' the 11/12th that is likely to be 'short lived,' by days, weeks or months.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Taurus

Romance can turn sour in a heartbeat and threaten to upset your happy little 'apple cart,' even in the more 'long term' and stable relationship/s status. Harmony appears restored for some Bulls as soon as the 10th and may linger until the 17/18th for others. Single Bulls or those in 'newer relationships, do best the 11/12th.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Gemini

Romance can do a nasty 180 for some Twins and land then smack in 'distress land,' by the end of the 8th or any time on the 13th. Those paired to Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio and Cancer appear most vulnerable to the aspects that lead me to warn you about this one. Single Twins find hot promise near the early hours of the 7th and again all day the 11th into the 12th.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Cancer

Same story in love this week; be seen as understanding, supportive and cooperative and IF you have 'any bones to pick,' push it off until AFTER the 16th or run the risk of upsetting your happy little love life. Single Crabs fair best this week with hot hook up potential near the 10th to 12th. A few may pan out for life, but this one may have a 'shorter expiration' run length on it.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Leo

Romance does best for single Lions this week, especially near the 8th when the 'soft approach,' works best and the 10th to 12th when the 'sweep them off their feet, make a great first impression and full steam ahead,' approach works best. Paired Lions need to avoid discussions about money and discipline, especially near the 8th and 13th.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Virgo

Romance may give you a few reasons for concern this week and some of you may feel like you have drawn the 'emotional short straw.' IF you feel a partner has treated you unfairly, it may be best to schedule a discussion about it for AFTER the 16th. IF you have contributed to a problem unwittingly, especially on or from the 7th, gush an apology FAST and fix it 'on the spot,' as soon as it is realized.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Libra

Romance does well this week and while you may be a bit more 'demanding' for attention and time from a partner, your partner may be 'up to their eye teeth,' in demands or schedules that don't allow them the free time you require. BE understanding, especially near the 9th to 11th and IF paired to Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, other Scales, Cancer or Aries.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Scorpio

Romance does rather well as some of you in newer relationships may now see things 'heat up a bit.' Even Stingers who have been 'off the market,' lately may see action near the 10th to 14th. Being approached by 'unexpected' personalities is also likely. IF you plan to 'take a pass,' be sure you pay the universe homage and 'do so tactfully' and with consideration for the ego of the other.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Sagittarius

Romance does poorly this week as misunderstandings MAY BE a 'threat,' especially near the 8th, 9th or 13th. Be clear, communicate often and be a 'very willing listener,' and you can avoid any major fall out from them if you DO hit this one. Running into old loves is possible and if you are 'with' a current one, that can be a source of problems if you don't 'handle it well from the jump.'

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Capricorn

Romance does 'only ok,' this week for Sea Goats in existing relationships, as if 'no news is good news,' and 'all's well that ends well,' energy is in charge. Those of you in newer relationships may find some 'new discovery' that makes you feel insecure, undecided or must 're evaluate' to decide IF you 'want to go on from here.' Singles do best near the 10th to 12th with hot potential for promising 'new opportunities.'

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Aquarius

Romance does well over all as long as you are NOT the target of inconsiderate words or actions the 7/8th or again the 13th. Remain calm, educate them with tact as to how/why you may have been offended and be willing to forgive if they show true contriteness. Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius and Libra may be 'unaware' that the 'stress from other situations' is showing.

07 - 13 December 2015 Weekly Love Forecast Pisces

Romance does rather well as long as you are willing to be understanding and allow for the 'pressures and problems,' that may be upon those you are paired to. This one may be a bit more tricky for those of you in newer relationships. IF you don't choose to just 'wait it out,' it may be better to simply 'ask,' and let them know you are concerned, rather than to 'cop and attitude' that would lead to an emotional 'detachment' effort.


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