Aquarius Work Habits Profile

To some extent it depends on how interested she is in the job itself— Aquarius is easily bored with routine and any nine-to-five job—but if the job is exciting, challenging, and explores the unknown, you’ll have a very satisfied, hardworking employee. In the right job, Aquarius will be at it 24 hours a day. Aquarius is a very intelligent worker with superb analytical powers. Her research skills are unrivaled, and you are bound to profit from her uncanny ability to see into the future and to describe tomorrow’s market today. This is an experimenter and innovator who, through trial and error, is trying to make sense out of the future.

However, Aquarius is interested in so many fields that her efforts can quickly become disorganized and she can become irresponsible. Totally involved with so many things at once, Aquarius may become ineffective, overall, unless she is carefully managed. But—and this is most important— only enlightened and subtle management works for Aquarius. Because she considers herself so independent and is so smart (and always right), she does not take orders easily. In fact, in her view she knows much more than the boss will ever know—she is also more perceptive and more intuitive. Not only does this freedom-loving employee resent authority, but she resents having to be caged inside an office, she resents having to be on time, she resents regulations, she resents detail, she resents having to go to meetings, and she resents having to keep to a schedule. In short, she resents having to work for someone else. And that’s what you have to overcome when you hire an Aquarius employee, not to mention the fact that she will never make a decision.

On the surface, Aquarius appears to like all levels of people, but she prefers to work alone on her solitary mental investigations, scientifically, philosophically, or creatively exploring original ideas. She is a researcher who needs the freedom to explore and experiment. Every job must be more fascinating than the last, or you will lose her and her energy. Highly structured, conservative, production-line companies can forget about Aquarius. She is too spontaneous, eccentric, and unpredictable for their corporate culture to encompass. Furthermore, Aquarius can only be productive if her brain is constantly feeding and dreaming in an open environment and if her curiosity has the freedom to pursue new dimensions and new directions.

An appropriate profession involving social causes attracts the humanitarian aspect of Aquarius. This side of Aquarius is perfectly capable and very willing to help those in need and those she considers deserving. This philanthropic Aquarius is more focused and more conservative than the exploring Aquarius. But because both these sides exist in every Aquarius, she may switch from one aspect to the other over the space of one hour. Impatient and living to do everything in the now, this sun sign loves change and travel. She is also more of a thinker than doer, and, when she becomes bored, her energy level stalls at zero and she becomes commercially useless.

Difficult to manage, Aquarius is out for herself and her ingenious futuristic ideas. It is the challenge of the job, that attracts her, not the company or the people. She will work only by her rules, which don’t always make any business sense to anyone else, but if you can accommodate her unconventional attitude and her independence her dreams could mean big money.

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